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Featuring songs composed in the arrivals lounge at Macau Airport, on a train somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, and from the cabin of a plane over the Atlantic, Sometimes Bewilder, is an album concerned with the condition of travelling, and indebted to memories of conversations with strangers encountered in far-flung places.
Fate--karma, kismet, chance, luck, you bewilder me.
Navigating the aisles of warehouse-size supermarkets and making sense of increasingly complicated nutrition labels can bewilder many a food shopper.
He likewise wrote about hieroglyphics that "bewitch and bewilder the viewer in their labyrinthine evolution.
If you move people of that age with memory impairment you just totally bewilder them.
So many of us have home videos in storage that never get watched but I believe that muvee's technology will shatter the current complexities of video editing that bewilder the average consumer.
DENVER - The NBA's system for doling out punishment continues to bewilder league observers, and none more so than Rick Fox, who knows a bit about the issue.