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Synonyms for bewail



Synonyms for bewail

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He plans nothing less than a new Eden for Catholic education, whose present state he bewails, the Times reported, claiming that at "some Catholic universities, students graduate with their religious faith more shaky than when they arrive.
RACING, in the sense of that fantastical behemoth which keeps Peter Savill and his chums rough-housing into the small hours, regularly bewails its inability to exploit its heroes, but this video hopes to change all that.
Spence freaks out and leaves the theatre, "There's just gayness everywhere," he bewails.
He bewails numerous killing grounds and the loss of Kosovo, where he sees plowed-over cemeteries and the raping of a small girl by an Albanian.
This statement bewails the prospect of the mixed-race characters' disappearance and establishes their identity as a third race within the context of the story.
He bewails the fact that some high schoolers drive nice cars, overlooking the probability that these children are descendants of tax-paying veterans who might have achieved some level of affluence without further assistance from Uncle Sam.
Glissenti not only bewails the perversion of the artes themselves by materialism but also laments that this preoccupation has diverted attention from the true art of living and dying well.
Television advertising constantly bewails the horrors of pain and discomfort.
The sicknesses he bewails find their diagnoses and their cures within the Christian tradition itself.
I sort of specialized in Indian sovereignty" - but is also a foul-talker (like "you macho men") who fornicates with Billy the day she meets him and bewails what has happened to "my people" at about the same time that she is preparing to commit murder to realize her ambition of running off to South America with stolen drug money so she can be "a rich, brown-skinned Yankee in the middle of all those poor Indians.