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Synonyms for bewail

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No bewailing there, just grovelling homage: "The people signify their willingness and joy by loud and repeated acclamations, all with one voice crying out, 'God save King Charles'.
I sympathize with Daniel Kunitz's review bewailing the current love affair between installation-obsessed artists and the institutions that support their work ["The Art of the Familiar," August].
While Renaissance artists frequently depict Ariadne bewailing her abandonment by Theseus on the island of Naxos, Giorgia de Chirico shows the princess fast asleep, just before Bacchus wings in on his chariot to rescue her.
If penny-pinching politicians spent more time seeking solutions rather than bewailing the problems they might just save a few lives.
In this way McLoone arrives at a genuinely new insight into the poems remarkable unity, demonstrating that the two features cited in the headnote Milton added in the 1645 edition -- his bewailing a drowned friend and, "by occasion," foretelling "the ruin of our corrupted Clergy then in their height" -- are two sides of the same coin.
MINNIE Driver is bewailing the break-up of her hot romance with Matt Damon, and he's out celebrating with his pals.
The starting voice of Metellus's poem is that of a peasant, which soon amplifies to encompass a panoply of topics, both celebrating the Haitian soil, the splendors of its flora and fauna, and bewailing the devastation caused by the hurricanes and earthquakes that frequent the island.
Taylor accepts official reports bewailing the baneful effects of the Hessian military system, even though he denounces these officials in other contexts as hystrical (177) or "frenzied" (187).
The admirable Frank Glendenning, in an excellent article bewailing the lack of philosophic rationale for the education of older people, speaks sternly of 'one distinguished British writer who has described education in later life as akin to "intellectual jogging"', but without decent verification.
Rather than bewailing this shortfall of knowledge, musicians have learned to revel in it.
We have been bewailing this 'colonial' tendency and preference for a long time now, so it's heartening to finally see that some inroads are being made.
I doubt it was a premonition, but one friend was bewailing a relative for often ringing in advance to warn she wouldn't be getting out of the car when she came to collect her little one, as she was still in her PJs.
Sitting around the samovar bewailing a wasted life and a lack of opportunity is the lot of half the characters, including Vanya.
Go for it quickly before its too late and "we're all dooooomed" becomes the bewailing soundtrack of 2008.
Such an attack will have caused waves of disquiet in the dressing room but it was Mourinho's implicit claim that he did not sanction the August sales of William Gallas and Robert Huth and bewailing the lack of a physical alternative in the absence of skipper John Terry that upset the board.