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Synonyms for bewail



Synonyms for bewail

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Had a Democrat interrupted President Bush's serial deceptions leading up to the Iraq War, would the GOP have lauded his courage or Nancy Pelosi bewailed his desecration of her chamber?
And the Taxpayers' Alliance has bewailed the waste of yet more public money.
This column recently bewailed the sell-off of British companies to the first foreign raider that comes charging up the beach.
Some readers of the SAMJ have objected to the perceived excessive coverage of HIV/AIDS by the journal, while serious commentators have bewailed inadequate responses by government in dealing with the pandemic.
diplomats, led by Colin Powell, bewailed the vile practice of election fraud when it was the Russian-friendly incumbent Prime Minister Yanukovich who had been doing the vote rigging.
Not only had she rubbished Nicole Kidman by denying she was a screen legend, she'd bewailed the fact that Hollywood wasn't glamorous any more and called Hugh Grant "not a great actor".
CHARLES and Camilla bewailed their manifold sins yesterday, but luckily didn't have to produce an itemised bill or they would still be at it.
The 34-year-old star burst into tears in front of embarrassed guests and bewailed the lack of any decent men.
AT A RECENT gathering of retired Indiana elementary teachers, I listened silently as one former fifth-grade teacher bewailed the fact that an acquaintance, who still teaches fifth grade, 'spends all year preparing her students for the ISTEP' (Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress), which is administered annually in early autumn to Indiana's third-, sixth-, eighth-, and 10th-graders.
22 Kyodo Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez bewailed Friday the pollution caused by traditional sources of energy and urged Asia to look more favorably at alternative sources that cause less damage to the environment.
Respondents bewailed the lack of parish interest and support in other stages and areas of family life: divorce, alcoholism, interchurch marriage, day care, blended family, elderly, singlehood, miscarriage, depression, respite care, domestic violence, chronic illness, unemployment, parenting education, teen-parent relationships, family spirituality, media impact on morals,changing roles of women, working mothers, drug, addiction, and marriage revitalization.
Adam's Peak A mountain in Ceylon where, according to Muslim legend, Adam bewailed his expulsion from Paradise, standing on one foot for two hundred years to expiate his crime; Gabriel then took him to Mount Arafat, where he found Eve.
He issued the statement after the opposition bloc bewailed the 'zero infrastructure funding' they received in next year's General Appropriations Act.
Noting the similarities between Palestine and Kashmir, PM Abbasi bewailed that the Muslim world has not given concrete shape to its expressions of solidarity and unity.
In an earlier interview, Carmina bewailed the loss of her son.