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Synonyms for bewail

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Then the child asked leave to go two months in the mountains to bewail her virginity among her companions.
Though they identify a number of well-designed and well-executed studies, in general they bewail the lack of sophisticated design, execution, and analysis in the majority of outcomes studies.
On NBC's 'Midnight Caller,' a disc jockey popular in the '60s resurfaced to bewail today's America: 'Why is the air so rotten, we're all gonna wind up with black lung?
Those who bewail the fact that much of the UK automotive industry is now under foreign ownership should be made to think about the global nature of such a capital-intensive, cash-burning industry.
During the blessing, Charles and Camilla knelt and repented, saying: ``We acknowledge and bewail our manifold sins and wickedness, Which we, from time to time, most grievously have committed, By thought, word and deedAgainst thy Divine Majesty, Provoking most justly thy wrath and indignation against us.
It is one thing to bewail the pain and suffering of the victims.
Though they don't say so, when politicians bewail the federal tax burden on working folks, they are really talking about the payroll tax.
The rising price of coal COAL merchants and the Coal Board bewail the fact that sales of coal are falling.
They bewail that they were feeling more so because during Eidul Fitr, which passed recently over 2 moths ago, people of all hues had flocked to the camp to celebrate the Eid with them, bringing along gifts and dishing out felicities.
Council do-goodies would order mass arrests, health and safety executives would bewail the bespoiling of our wonderful beaches and hypocrisy would run rampant.
BBC One Wales, tonight, 8pm While some long-time fans still bemoan and bewail the departure of Terry Wogan from the glittering holding pen of dreams that is the Eurovision, nothing can detract from the tragically hilarious parade of deluded souls that makes up the meat of the show.
Those columnists who, every four years, bewail this tournament, curse the very invention of football and plead for it's removal from our television screens, would do well to remember that there is no other event, not even the Olympic Games, that so unites millions of people.
PAT REID and S F Charlton (letters, December 14) bewail the fate of National Hunt racing due to the supposedly cavalier attitude of the BHB to jumping's fixture list, or indeed its interests in general.
Rather than bewail the situation, UAW members at Wayne expropriated a few surplus EXPs and tinkered with them until they had assembled an alternative--a new model having more sheetmetal in common with Escourt, which cut overhead and made the car more attractive.
It is far too late for the PAT to bewail the loss of proper academic "school subjects", leaving useless pap, examined by "woolly, touchy-feely questions with very little academic merit".