beurre noisette

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clarified butter browned slowly and seasoned with vinegar or lemon juice and capers


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Whisk together the honey, garlic, and vinegar, and then drizzle in the beurre noisette.
DISH FOR NOVEMBER: Chef Marcus Bennett with the Dover Sole with beurre noisette capers, deep fried squid and mini fish pie
What Galatoire's refers to as a ``meuniere butter'' is really a beurre noir (``black butter'') or beurre noisette (``nut-brown butter'').
From a good selection of fish I had chosen lemon sole with a beurre noisette, matched by a glass of soft-fruity Viognier.
The first is the beurre noisette - this just means nut butter - and refers to the act of burning your melted butter to give it a nutty flavour.
I was less convinced by a caper beurre noisette in which the capers dominated and the sauce itself was undistinguished.
My son chose pan fried fillet of sea bass with braised chicory prawn and shrimp beignet, rocKet crushed anya potatoes, baby vegetables and caper beurre noisette.
First, we're filling this with whipped cream, then we make what's called a beurre noisette, which is basically just butter that's melted and then burned slightly.
Next up was a fish dish - east coast cod with beurre noisette consomme and salsa verde.
But I can forgive her and, what's more, I've got a lovely plate of wild sea bass with choucroute, brown shrimps, dinky croutons and lemon beurre noisette.
2 medium egg whites, 75g caster sugar, 30g flour, 30g ground almonds, 75g beurre noisette (see Tip), 90g fresh blueberries
Quality local ingredients are given a contemporary jump-start - like the amazing diver scallop with smoked eel, apple, truffle and chervil, or lemon meringue with beurre noisette, rocket and pepper.