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Synonyms for bettor

one who bets

Synonyms for bettor

someone who bets

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To estimate expected value bettors need to forecast sales only because the number of other bettors affects the probability that they will have to share the prize.
The company recently introduced City Wise, a blog where spread bettors can keep their fingers on the pulse of real-time financial news and analysis of price movements.
Traders at the company never imagined that just four years later it would pass the one-millionth-bet milestone, and see eSports rank above traditional mainstays like golf or rugby in terms of popularity with its bettors.
com has the resources to follow all those teams and ferret out the variables that will produce the maximum winners for sports bettors.
Unlike bettors, however, they ignore the most reliable insights into what the future will bring, which are the odds.
2) We wish to note these data contain a single season for the NBA and NHL, which we believe will shed insight on how bettors behave, but may still be too short a time frame to capture all of the intricacies of bettor behavior.
Under questioning by defense attorney Richard Kendall, California Horse Racing Board investigator Christopher Loop said his fact-gathering was ``not necessarily to my satisfaction'' and regretted failing to interview Wygod and others directly involved in the case that riled bettors who lost money on Sweet Catomine.
ABOUT SPORTS INTERACTION: Sports Interaction, the first online sportsbook licensed and regulated in North America, offers a fun, secure and unique betting experience for the first time and experienced bettor alike.
A team of highly trained sports betting professionals joined for the project, teaming up with web developers to create the ultimate sports betting guide for bettors in the United States.
As staggering as those World Cup final limits are, bettors with deep-enough pockets can actually bet that maximum amount over and over again.
Perhaps the only thing on which most bettors agree is that you should bet only with money you can afford to lose.
You either hit the bettors with that kind of information before they dump $700,000 in win-place-show wagers on your horse, which Wygod and trainer Julio Canani did not do, or you bite your tongue.
Leading sports betting operator 10Bet have increased their already attractive casino product offering by revealing a new games section that allows sports bettors to use their sports balance to experience some of the online casino industry's most attractive games, including those powered by leader providers MicroGaming and 3D gaming innovators Sheriff Gaming.