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short-nosed rat kangaroo

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Choosing an animal such as the eastern bettong or the brush-tail rock wallaby will likely bring conservation benefits, by raising awareness to help ensure its survival into the future.
Rose RW (1986) The Habitat, Distribution and Conservation Status of the Tasmanian Bettong, Bettongia Gaimardi (Desmarest).
Warnings are being given by the wildlife campaigners that cousins of the kangaroo, bettongs and rock-wallabies, are on the verge of extinction.
4%, N = 508 non-target species), particularly of rufous bettongs, and trap interference from these other species.
Pygmy possum 2 <1% Tachyglossus aculeatus Echidna 9 2% Bettongia lesueur Bettong (boodie) 3 <1% Antechinus sp.
At the time of European settlement, woylies were the most common bettong species in Australia, with a distribution that covered most of the mainland south of the tropics (Troughton 1957; Finlayson 1958; Burbidge et al.
Desert Bettong Bettongia anhydra, Central Hare-wallaby (Kuluwarri) Lagorchestes asomatus, Short-tailed Hoppingmouse Notomys amplus, Darling Downs Hopping-mouse N.
Hearth features, stone artefacts and the remains of bettong, hare-wallaby, shingle-backed lizard, emu and fresh water mussel were present within the palaeosol.
Several species previously extinct in the region the eastern bettong, new Holland mouse, and bush-stone curlew have been successfully re-introduced into the sanctuary and there are now popular evening tours and nationally significant research taking place.
The Aboriginal names koala, wombat, bettong, potoroo, wallaby, wallaroo, pademelon and dingo are from the Sydney district and were recorded soon after settlement by Europeans in 1788 (Ramson 1988).
They have documented many cases of indiscriminate surplus predation by the fox on species including the burrowing bettong, the black-flanked rock-wallaby and the tammar wallaby.
The ongoing reintroduction of the eastern bettong, New Holland mouse and bush stone curlew into the sanctuary and adjoining Goorooyaroo Nature Reserve has been made possible thanks to leading-edge research and a fruitful partnership with the Woodlands and Wetlands Trust.
The case studies--Heirisson Prong Peninsula (Shark Bay) reintroduction of the Burrowing Bettong and the Proserpine Rock Wallaby recovery plan--provide excellent accounts of conservation management with realistic evaluations of their success.
For example, a variety of grazing regimes can help maintain areas of large grass tussocks, leaf litter and fallen branches that protect bird species, and mammals such as the rufous bettong and long-nosed potoroo.
After 10 pieces of habitat are removed, players are asked to pretend they are one of three animals: a spider, a bird or a bettong.