better off

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in a more fortunate or prosperous condition

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I think, yes, I am sure," he added, looking at her, "that you are better off outside.
he sighed quite sorrowful, and gazed at the chirping birds that hopped contentedly from branch to branch, "they are much better off than I
I shouldn't mind marrying, but I don't want to marry if I'm going to be no better off than what I am now.
Ah, Monsieur, after I had seen her, after I had listened to her, I knew she was better off here.
After the fathers were out of debt, the daughters married the sons of neighbours--usually of like nationality-- and the girls who once worked in Black Hawk kitchens are to-day managing big farms and fine families of their own; their children are better off than the children of the town women they used to serve.
no matter though, i know many chaps that hav'n't got any, --good luck to 'em; and they are all the better off for it.
I thought it all out, and reckoned I would belong to the widow's if he wanted me, though I couldn't make out how he was a-going to be any better off then than what he was before, seeing I was so ignorant, and so kind of low-down and ornery.
I hope Tom's better off where he is," said Sid, "but if he'd been better in some ways --"
The pond lay still and motionless, glittering in the moonshine, and the hunter's wife was not a bit better off than she had been before.
It will break our hearts to lose you from our lives, but you will be so much better off with your fairy friends that it seems wisest and best for you to go.
As for the second, he's only half-witted, and if he was better off he wouldn't know it.
The infant had been placed with these good people to nurse: they were better off then.
They were better off in their youth than I was, however.
Nay, sir, I don't see as he'd be much the better off for that.
But supposing, for argument's sake, that we had him arrested tonight, what on earth the better off should we be for that.