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give to in marriage

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These two scenes establish the triangles of desire that motivate plot and subplot: Mall later betroths herself to Bowdler, and Phillis betroths herself to a man whom she believes is Cripple, but who is actually Frank Golding disguised as Cripple; by the play's end, each woman is re-betrothed to the true "hero" of each scene, Mall to Barnard, and Phillis -- this time knowingly -- to Frank Golding.
While the women fail in these first attempts to solicit their lovers, they later succeed, or at least each thinks she does, when each betroths herself while in Cripple's shop.
In his suit, Frank is championed successfully by the drawer whose plots deceiv e Phillis into believing she betroths herself to him and deceive the Flowers into believing that Ferdinand and Anthony have withdrawn their suits.
Peddling wares enables the women to act as erotic agents, and, in the marketplace, they betroth themselves to men of their own choosing.