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  • verb

Synonyms for betray

Synonyms for betray

to be treacherous to

to cause to accept what is false, especially by trickery or misrepresentation

Synonyms for betray

deliver to an enemy by treachery

disappoint, prove undependable to


Related Words

be sexually unfaithful to one's partner in marriage

give away information about somebody

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However, that she managed to survive, but the string of endless betrayals from her fellow teens, all people she considered friends, has finally pushed her over the edge and made her decide that Salem isn't the place she wants to be any longer.
Abstract: In this paper, the issue of how betrayal trauma triggers addiction will be studied and addressed.
When the betrayal is opportunistic, your colleague acts thoughtlessly and demonstrates a weakness of character.
Further institutional betrayals can occur when the wrongdoing is denied and when those who blow the whistle are punished.
According to Hillman, our fear of betrayal can cause us to try to protect ourselves by creating the "perfect" relationship, one that tolerates no risk of betrayal.
Among the evil fruits of this decadent age there is an unparalleled betrayal of people with homosexual tendencies.
We expect this level of betrayal from the Tories because they want education for the privileged wealthy few and not rank and file commoners.
In most workplaces, the accumulation of these "little" betrayals becomes a big problem, negatively impacting people's productivity and performance.
Or maybe it is the going back on our loyalty and our promises to God but however we try to excuse them betrayals they are.
Regretfully, the rich potential that a chapter about secrets promises goes unfilled in Betrayals because there is too much description and too little integration of the disparate.
Through these beliefs, the betrayals and defeats of external war were internalized onto the Acholi community.
Our betrayal will lead Jesus to the cross, where he offers up his body.
HEARTS owner Vladimir Romanov has launched a broadside against the media, the Old Firm and betrayals by players who were not willing to fight for club's cause.
CFR founders John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles were to blame for the betrayals in Hungary and Cuba.
The best scenes involve how Nora and Ismael respond to these intimate and professional betrayals.