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99), N3 Princess Betony and the Rule of Wishing Pamela Freeman/Tamsin Ainslie (A$17.
Restaurant: Betony (41 West 57th Street, Avenue of the Americas, 212 465-2400) is yet to be discovered but is already hitting the right notes.
Pink and purple flowers to look out for include betony, knapweed, and centaury; blue flowers include meadow crane's-bill and the pom-pom-shaped Devil's scabious.
Buy seed mixes that contain ox-eye daisies, yarrow, harebells, birdsfoot trefoil, cowslips, lady's bedstraw, betony, yellow rattle and others for waving drifts of colour.
Hogweed, white dead-nettle, runoff plugged with waste or worse; rank betony.
In just three days, ski instructors Michel Cesarani and Roy Bissett and Ski Club of Britain's Betony Garner had restored my confidence.
Betony Taylor, PR Manager said, "More and more news agencies and journalists are depending on the immediacy of online content.
This change led to the decline of many native plants once common to New England, including the pasture thistle and the wood betony, said Robert I.
HEADACHE Whoever is frequently afflicted with a headache let him make a lotion of the vervain, betony , chamomile and red fennel; let him wash his head three times a week therewith and he will be cured.
Did You Know: In medieval times hemlock, mixed with betony and fennel seed, was considered a cure for the bite of a mad dog.
Its PR manager Betony Garner said: "Quite often the terrain is not difficult or extensive enough, so people should be aware that, while resorts may be cheap, they may not enjoy their time of the slopes as much as if they had paid a little bit more.
FRIENDS: Sarah Gent, left, and Joanne Cullum, with their children Betony and Marley, went through pregnancy at the same time which has made their friendship stronger SHARED EXPERIENCE: For Sarah and Joanne
The son of Royal Applause had run in a bumper at Uttoxeter last month, and he came through late on to collar Betony for a half-length win under Jimmy Quinn.
Broadleaf weeds include purslane, betony, pusley, pennywort (dollarweed), oxalis, and spurge.