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HEADACHE Whoever is frequently afflicted with a headache let him make a lotion of the vervain, betony , chamomile and red fennel; let him wash his head three times a week therewith and he will be cured.
Did You Know: In medieval times hemlock, mixed with betony and fennel seed, was considered a cure for the bite of a mad dog.
Its PR manager Betony Garner said: "Quite often the terrain is not difficult or extensive enough, so people should be aware that, while resorts may be cheap, they may not enjoy their time of the slopes as much as if they had paid a little bit more.
was losing, spelling betony, a word I knew, as B-E-T-T-A-N-Y).
FRIENDS: Sarah Gent, left, and Joanne Cullum, with their children Betony and Marley, went through pregnancy at the same time which has made their friendship stronger SHARED EXPERIENCE: For Sarah and Joanne
Commenting on this, Betony Taylor, Corporate Communications Manager for HSBC Bank International, said that the second report revealed fascinating insights into expats' priorities, particularly when financial gain is taken out of the equation.
The son of Royal Applause had run in a bumper at Uttoxeter last month, and he came through late on to collar Betony for a half-length win under Jimmy Quinn.
Campion owners Penny and Julian have six cottages in total with the biggest, Betony, sleeping eight people and boasting a magnificent inglenook fireplace.
Collect the aerial parts (leaf, stem and budding flowers) of Wood Betony just before the flowers bloom.
In addition, the variation in composition of Echinacea preparations sold in the market is due to the use of different species of Echinacea, part of the plant used, and added products such as vitamin C, goldenseal, burdock, cayenne pepper, gentian, and wood betony.
He meets up with a tangle-child (elf) named Betony, and together they search for a cure for his illness while trying to combat an evil japegrin (pixie) who is trying to sell potions that purportedly heal but instead can be fatal.
Voluntary warden Sue Wharam will lead the walk around Shadowbrook Meadows, in Hampton in Arden, looking at plants such as the cowslip, pignut and betony.
It contains a mixture of calendula (anti-inflammatory), echinacea (boosts immunity), elecampane (cough and lung remedy), feverfew (may prevent migraines), motherwort (reduces irregular heartbeat), wood betony (headache and general pain remedy), and yarrow (antiseptic and anti-inflammatory).
Wood betony, scientific name is Betonica officinalis, has been used for over 400 hundred years for a large variety of maladies.
This herbal, in which the entries are in alphabetical order (by first letter only), actually begins with a Latin treatment of arthemisia and moves directly to the vernacular prose treatment of the same herb, modyrwort; it continues with the prose treatment of arage and then with verse treatments of aristologia, affodylle and betony, and so on through the verse and prose entries, ending with the verse treatment of veruayne.