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Even desecration betokens a pugnacious engagement; rejection entails a perverse kind of embrace.
This list alone (which we will go over, forthwith) betokens the type of transnational meddling and intrusion in national and local matters that have been the cause of so much concern throughout the EU about the "Brussels dictatorship.
From this perspective, difference is not an obstacle but a quasi-sacrament that betokens hidden unity.
Some insiders, however, say it's not clear that Tobin's departure necessarily betokens a harder line.
Joseph's silence betokens an interior life nourished by quiet contemplation and unfailing trust in the "economy" or sacred plan of divine Providence.
However, they fall dangerously short of the absolutely new thing, the utterly shocking and surprising and even terrifying novelty, that the resurrection of Jesus betokens in Marks telling of the tale.
Violence fosters in Sassaman's unit a new lack of respect for the Iraqis that betokens for Sassaman a corresponding loss of self-awareness: "The only thing they understand is force--force, pride and saving face.
If the star betokens our core mystery, it's caught up, too, in the sub-mystery that--as with quantum light's particle-wave divide--the seen reflects the seer's way of seeing.
His ingenuity betokens a joy glowing underneath the dark, curmudgeonly persona.
We aren't told whether this betokens the last spasm of a greedy materialistic "me" generation, or heralds a permanent relapse into chaos.
The Star-Child's suffering vicariously for the city reverses the effects of the Fall and his being welcomed into the city as king betokens the Easter of the risen Christ.
Fritsch's first London show was in 1974 and the way in which her work has developed since betokens her originality and artistic integrity.
Donne personalizes and complicates the author's role by insisting that true sorrow can be approached only by recognizing how illness and suffering "both articulates wrongdoing and betokens God's grace" (76).
On a warm enough evening there was plenty of lager and Pimm's starting its journey to the eventual destination of the Severn, but despite the crowd's rich mix of Shires, Black Country and Wales, the place lacked that unmistakeable background babble and hum that betokens a truly happy gathering.
But Americans should worry that the current unrest betokens the sort of global upheaval that upended previous leading world economic powers, most notably Britain.