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Nevertheless, his shelling-out his book profits is a gracious gesture, betokening a man who, knowing he acted dishonestly, perhaps treacherously, is doing his best to make reparation.
It appears, from the testimony of Tertullian, that initiates underwent various purification ceremonies, swore oaths of secrecy, and received brands on the hands or forehead betokening their membership in the order.
A perusal of the words which came up at the 2008 Scripps Spelling Bee made me marvel at the ability of the young spellers to remember the most unfamiliar and difficult words and reproduce them with such accuracy, betokening an easy familiarity with terminology hard to pronounce, much less remember.
It was then that she noticed the similarity in texture of polished marble and soap and thought about the poignant contrast in the connotations the two materials carry--marble suggesting durability, soap betokening erosion and, eventually, extinction.
In finding a generally even distribution of objects across the site betokening status, luxury, and production, the authors conclude that a "heterarchical" socio-economic arrangement prevailed at the intrasite level, with a "lack of distinction between the residential areas of rich and poor" (p.
The highlight of the conference was whether meetings would take place on the sidelines between the United States and Iran and Syria betokening a reversal of policy by U.
So far as Yeats's plays are concerned it is non-canonical and was included in the Variorum edition in 1966, alongside Where There Is Nothing (1902-3), over which Yeats briefly considered Moore again as collaborator (see Katharine Worth's edition (1987)), in Alspach's final section betokening marginality and entitled 'Plays Not Included in the Main Text'.
In those days housing was at least accorded its own directorate, betokening some recognition of its importance.
As the poem unfolds, it becomes evident that, for him, in defiance of "the tell-tale refuse," love's being must exist and persist even as he confronts pervasive consumerist deceptions, "an immense betokening of intimacies threaded to the wrong objects" (153).
Rather than betokening servility, such rituals, he shows, help the villagers to "construct" themselves as "subjects.
The surface implications of the last two lines quoted are apparent, but just as we should not miss their function in expressing the common humanity that is the object of the persona's quest, we should not overlook the note of respect the passage affords women in its emphasis on the humanistic aspect of the embrace, virtually annulling the sexual import of the situation and betokening the generally humanistic portrayal of women we find in Komunyakaa's work as a whole.