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Burgoyne's introduction remains unchanged from the 1997 edition, so its caution about "armed militias in the United States" that betoken an escalating "white ethnic nationalism" (11) is clearly out of date--unless, of course, he means to refer to the Tea Parties of 2010.
They usually betoken some sort of tragedy that is about to be taken out of their hands and placed in the care of the emergency services and then the bureaucratic authorities, who run our lives.
He is] in a garb, half sailor's, half workingman's, with no superfluous appendage of coat or waistcoat, a 'wideawake' perched jauntily on his head, one hand in his pocket and the other on his hip, with a certain air of mild defiance, and an expression of pensive insolence in his face which seems to betoken a consciousness of his mission as the 'coming man.
We got all the familiar Blair mannerisms:The thumb and forefinger pressed together to underscore a point, the palms extended outwards to betoken moral certainty in the face of external pressure, even the occasional wry smile as when he claimed: AoI was never short of people challenging me.
This brings us to 'Topic A,' so to speak--in other words, are the present financial difficulties the product of the general credit squeeze, or do they betoken a more serious falling out of enthusiasm for wind power rooted in factors like productivity, technical obstacles and public acceptance?
For de Graef, the recent surge of critical attention paid to ethics seems to betoken the beginning recovery at long last from the "sterile impersonality of textualist idealism but also of the ideology-critical overkill of resolutely politicized reading and of the paradoxical leveling abstractions of historical particularism" (46).
With most politicians this would betoken some kind of sexual impropriety, but Burke is clean in terms of her nighttime company.
At worst, it would betoken a collapse of the precarious global quasi-equilibrium: with leverage so high, risk premiums currently so low, and asset markets so overvalued, this would threaten to bring a repeat of certain early- 1930s developments.
Or maybe it's because a superimposition of this nature seems to betoken such intensity of focus as to be arresting.
The purity of her line, the directness of her gesture, the clarity of her articulation, the vulnerability with which she permits the music to engulf her limbs, and the sheer naturalness of her demeanor--all betoken the guilelessness of this country at its finest.
202), such slurs were in any case meant to betoken a wider-ranging legato, which would produce yet another effect, again unsettling when we have been conditioned to hear the slurred pairs as intrinsic to the music's expressive identity.
Cobras are for the aggressive; deers for nature lovers; buffalos for aficionados of the American West; while duck heads provide a functional grip betoken the sportsman.
Cool, grey eyes betoken the thinker and instantly, muscle and sinew put thoughts into action.
For example, six-years ago, Steinberg came into contact with the art of Feng Shui, which involves the Eastern art of arranging building and interior furnishings according to those elements that betoken good luck.
91), but it does not betoken confidence when we find it spelt inconsistently in Orser's text eight pages later.