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a stupid mistake

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Earlier this year, Betise returned to the circuit for the first time since the tragic incidents in search of closure.
The loss of this value and development is dissociational, devolving individuation into individualisation, enfranchisement into entropy, the destruction of the 'non-inhuman' and its transformation into the betise of the inhuman through disindividuation.
Talvez se possa resumir a materia geral de que tratam, lembrando o tema medular das obras finais de Flaubert, Bouvard et Pecuchet e o Dictionnaire des idees recues: a betise humana.
The return of the prose to this word 'bete' and relevant word connections (beta, betise, betement, abetir etc.
L'action "ecrire sur sa main" semble alors passer de la valeur d'exploit a celle de betise.
Then, to compound his betise, Obama told CNN's Anderson Cooper, during his tour of the dungeons at the Cape Coast Castle where enslaved Africans were stacked before their journey across the Atlantic, that "the experience of slavery is like the experience of the Holocaust", referring to the Nazi extermination of six million European Jews between 1939 and 1944 and demonstrating an embarrassing lack of his sense of proportion given that some 100 million Africans were exterminated during the slave trade, which lasted nearly 400 years
La peinture d'Yonville, du pharmacien Homais, superbe specimen de pseudo-savant de chef-lieu de canton, la description des comices agricoles, sont egalement bien connues pour la derision jetee par Flaubert sur la societe de son temps et la betise humaine.
social class, in Dickens), an operation that must inevitably be ideological (in the Althusserian rather than the "false consciousness" sense); to the impulse to evade content and its ideologies altogether in the signifying power of the "form of form" (Flaubert's magisterial, and critical, anatomies of bourgeois betise, whose content he less purges than scourges; Mallarme's absolutization of "the Book" that escapes the symbolic orders enforced in what Mallarme scorned as "journalism").
Although in French stupidity and animals are inextricable (bete, betise, betifier--to talk asininely), though there are dogs and underdogs, in both these authors the dogs are equal picaresque heroes, and lend themselves to pointed humour.
The airline said that, developed by Conclave Chef Nancy Brussat-Barocci of Convito Italiano & Betise, the new transcontinental menu options will be offered for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as the midnight snack service on overnight flights.
I had informed Alnwick District Council, both verbally and in writing that Breamish Parks had changed hands, but it is still badgering me for council tax ( c'est une betise (that is French but does not take much translating).
mais il est bon de hausser la voix et crier haro sur la betise contemporaine, quand, a la meme epoque ou un ravissant tableau de Delacroix trouvait difficilement acheteur a mille francs, les figures imperceptibles de Meissonier se faisaient payer dix et vingt lois plus.
In what may be read as a distant descendant of Flaubert's investment of meaning in betise, Mace presents a series of promising images or anecdotes only to deflate them.
En resumidas cuentas, al final de su largo, brillante y precioso monologo, tan proximo, a veces, al famoso soliloquio del Neveu de Rameau, de nuestro Diderot --otro esprit fort--, Alejandro Rossi que, por cierto, encuentra aqui su voz, pudiera exclamar a su vez, como un nuevo Senor Teste: "La betise n'est pas mon fort