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to renew an image or thought in the mind

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Whiles I may scape, I will preserve myself; and am bethought To take the basest and most poorest shape That ever penury, in contempt of man, Brought near to beast; my face I'll grime with filth, Blanket my loins, elf all my hairs in knots, And with presented nakedness outface The winds and persecutions of the sky.
The context of infrequent sex led some young men and women in Addis Ababa to use ECs as their main method of pregnancy prevention, because they only need to bethought of and taken when sex has actually taken place.
I bleast me by my faith to behold him, and began to doout whither a waz a man or a spirite, and I ween had doubted me till this time, had it not been that anon I bethought me of men that can reason and talk with too tongs, and with two parsons at onez, sing like burds, curteiz of behaviour, of body strong, and in joints so nymble withal, that their bonez seem as lythie and plyaunt as syneuz.
As Rousseau put it: "The first man who, having enclosed a piece of ground, bethought himself of saying, 'This is mine,' and found people simple enough to believe him, was the real founder of civil society.
These Lines, naked of Ornament, and simple, as they are, struck my Fancy; I clos'd the Book, and bethought myself, that the unhappy Adventure, I have mentioned above, which then came fresh into my Mind, might naturally raise a Tale, upon the Appearance of this Ghost.
Yet she bethought her that Christ was bound to a pillar and beaten first, and afterward crowned with thorns.
Could he only have bethought him in time of the "ne quid nimis.
But, for women too, employment gains might bethought disappointing, relative to expectations.
The 18th century Romanticist Movement's leading light William Wordsworth is bethought lovingly, for Daffodils written in 1804:
Let us try to picture a master corsair, thoroughly adept at pulling the mob nose, who suddenly bethought himself of that Pepin the Short who found himself mayor of the palace and made himself King of the Franks.
And she (patni) bethought herself: 'How does he copulate with me after have come from each other?
Then he bethought him again how his sister was his own enemy, and that she hated the queen and Sir Launcelot, and so he put all that out of his thought.
Learning that many students there were not Catholic, he bethought himself that Catholic schools had changed mightily since he was a boy.
Later in the interview, while describing a visit she made to one of her former publishers, Riddell describes the desperate financial situations she found herself in after her husband's business interests failed: 'The years came and the years went, till after the crash came in our affairs; when I was looking about me for every five-pound note I could get, I bethought me of this and another old book, which I can never sufficiently regret republishing.
Arrived at that comforting conclusion, I bethought myself of a cigar and went below to get it .