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to renew an image or thought in the mind

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Should I go to church And see the holy edifice of stone And not bethink me straight of dangerous rocks, Which touching but my gentle vessel's side, Would scatter all her spices on the stream, Enrobe the roaring waters with my silks-- And in a word, but even now worth this, And now worth nothing, (1.
Abstract: The purpose of this article is to characterize the socioeconomic profile of Nicaraguan housewives and bethink their monetary contribution to national production.
I will be assur'd I may; and that I may be assured, I will bethink me.
Castrato): "And now bethink thee Eunuch"; "Stay, Stay,
Bethink thee, Toby, of thy fault, Thy pledge and broken oath; And give me I ack my maiden's vow, And give me hack my troth.
Discriminations of the prosaic order had little to do with my first and all but sole vision of the American soldier in his multitude, and above all for that was markedly the colour of the whole thing--in his depression, his wasted melancholy almost; an effect that somehow corresponds for memory, I bethink myself, with the tender elegiac tone in which Walt Whitman was later on so admirably to commemorate him.
It is, rather, an Armageddon, the final battle of intellectual and literary history, in the sense that when it ends, if it can end, the parties will retire each to its own domain and never again bethink themselves of the other's existence.
32) Merzeniecki willingly explains to the Old Believer the terrorist pledge to kill the government "until they bethink themselves" (42: 215) when asked for an explanation of the faith that so illumined the face of the slain youth.
OTHELLO: If you bethink yourself of any crime Unreconciled as yet to heaven and grace, Solicit for it straight [.
Arguably, this is not the same man who a few years later advocated a position of nonresistance to evil, and who in Bethink Yourselves
At times, indeed, Babo and Benito Cereno are described almost in terms of a single two-headed organism, such as when the narrator tells us, "As master and man stood before him, the black upholding the white, Captain Delano could not but bethink him of the beauty of that relationship which could present such a spectacle of fidelity on the one hand and confidence on the other" (Melville 1966, 154).
Oh my brother, whom I love, whose life I have in these hours touched with keen delight, before whose strong swift sweet spirit I have bowed the neck of my soul, bethink thee yet awhile
Should I go to church / And see the holy edifice of stone, / And not bethink me straight of dangerous rocks" (1.