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Synonyms for bethink

to renew an image or thought in the mind

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Besides, bethink you of His own words--that those who live by the sword shall perish by the sword.
The app, created by Bethink, is now available in Apple's App Store and on Google Play, and is compatible with iOS and Android devices.
I will be assur'd I may; and that I may be assured, I will bethink me.
Castrato): "And now bethink thee Eunuch"; "Stay, Stay,
Bethink thee, Toby, of thy fault, Thy pledge and broken oath; And give me I ack my maiden's vow, And give me hack my troth.
We must bethink ourselves and reflect upon the structure of human action.
Bethink thee then how love must be the seed In you, not only of each virtuous action, But also of each punishable deed.
It is, rather, an Armageddon, the final battle of intellectual and literary history, in the sense that when it ends, if it can end, the parties will retire each to its own domain and never again bethink themselves of the other's existence.
At times, indeed, Babo and Benito Cereno are described almost in terms of a single two-headed organism, such as when the narrator tells us, "As master and man stood before him, the black upholding the white, Captain Delano could not but bethink him of the beauty of that relationship which could present such a spectacle of fidelity on the one hand and confidence on the other" (Melville 1966, 154).
Bethink thee of the albatross, whence come those clouds of spiritual wonderment and pale dread, in which that white phantom sails in all imaginations?
Wadsworth admitted the club could have died on Friday and said: "Who do the powers that bethink will turn up if there's pay at the gate - the Khmer Rouge armed with Kalashnikovs?
Bethink thee then what processes were wrought (As you to me but lately did recall, Painting the landscape from the Firs of Leith) Thro' silent ages, patient and unsung, Ere this grand symmetry of Nature, shaped Into completest beauty, yearn'd for love, And brought forth Adam he both flower and seed, A fair suggestion of th' intent of Time.
Being convinced of this thing, bethink how to save themselves by their own strength, and thereupon set upon a reformation of life.
in maidenly gentleness Had this tail any prehensile power, I should straightway bethink me of Darmonodes' elephant that so frequented the flower-market, and with low salutations presented nosegays to damsels, and then caressed their zones.