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seed of betel palm

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The bed thus provides a comfortable platform from which to fish or relax, smoke a bit of tobacco, chew betelnut, and swap stories with a fishing partner.
In Palau, in Micronesia, the betelnut palm (Areca catechu) is commonly planted along property boundaries.
Betelnut use was practiced by 30% of women and 40% of men, whereas 6% of women and 76% of men smoked cigarettes.
Fraulein Betelnut was old Betelnut's daughter, and she was a peach.
He then stops playing, folds his preret into some cloth, nods to Sanusi for permission to leave, and goes into the outer courtyard to chew betelnut.
He listened as the men, chewing betelnut, recalled years of routing the bush for berries to eat, of their comrades' deaths left unattended on the rocky peaks; and then, together, they prayed for a peaceful referendum.
In 1951, sales tax and central excise on tea, tobacco and betelnut were added to the pool.
Pawlcyn, one of the San Francisco Bay Area's most prolific chefs, created more than a dozen popular and successful restaurants including Fog City Diner, Bix, Betelnut, Buckeye Roadhouse, Roti, Tra Vigne and Rio Grill in Carmel.
Under them were their 'dogs', those who sniffed out and brought back to the 'colonels' discarded betelnut skins, nail clippings and other pipia, which allowed the sorcerer to capture a person's soul.
Participating restaurants included Jardiniere, Fifth Floor, Orson, Betelnut and Scala's Bistro.
A stroll the 1-1/2-mile palm-shaded trail through the 5 acres currently landscaped can turn up such surprises as brilliant torch ginger blooming below betelnut palms or rare blue-skinned bananas.
Restaurants within the Real Restaurant group currently using the system are Betelnut on Union Street in San Francisco, Loongbar in Ghiradelli Square and Fog City Diner, in Chicago.
These sequences are the outcome of prior ritual sequences--such as the rites that name the dancers and exchange partners called into the gab, or the rites associated with displaying betelnut bunches in the plaza centre.
Among the Yupno, some young men equate the transmission of HIV with that of tuberculosis, and shun the sharing of foods, plates, cups, lime for chewing betelnut, and cigarettes and even avoid stepping in the footprints of infected persons (Keck, this collection).
For some young men, information regarding the transmission of tuberculosis, known from the tuberculosis campaigns, as well as traditional concepts, have been conflated with those of HIV/AIDS: they mentioned a possible infection through sharing food, plates and cups or from lime for chewing betelnut, cigarettes because of contact with saliva or with left-over food.