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seed of betel palm

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Predation by an exotic lizard, Anolis sagrei, alters the ant community structure in betelnut palm plantations in southern Taiwan.
In Palau, in Micronesia, the betelnut palm (Areca catechu) is commonly planted along property boundaries.
Betelnut use was practiced by 30% of women and 40% of men, whereas 6% of women and 76% of men smoked cigarettes.
On the way back to Sariaya, I met Fraulein Betelnut in the woods, and I held out my hands, and made her kiss me to get by.
Women use canoes when they go to nearby reefs to dive for the shells from which they make kambang, a kind of lime that is chewed with betelnut.
It's just betelnut, the mildly narcotic seed from the fruit of the betel pepper which truck drivers and labourers use to help them stay awake.
Taiwanese betelnut farmer-turned-singer Difang, who helped put Taiwan's aboriginal music on the world stage, died at a hospital in eastern Taiwan on Friday.
One older man, who is a smoker and betelnut chewer and always takes a place on the edge of the church proceedings, explained to me, "Young people like this new church thing, so I come to watch" (Kehsa, personal communication, 1996).
He then stops playing, folds his preret into some cloth, nods to Sanusi for permission to leave, and goes into the outer courtyard to chew betelnut.
In a situation of formal hospitality, betelnut and tobacco would be offered with the words, "em i lo bilong mipela".
More recently, betelnut palm (Areca catechu) has been used for the same purpose.
He listened as the men, chewing betelnut, recalled years of routing the bush for berries to eat, of their comrades' deaths left unattended on the rocky peaks; and then, together, they prayed for a peaceful referendum.
In 1951, sales tax and central excise on tea, tobacco and betelnut were added to the pool.
Pawlcyn, one of the San Francisco Bay Area's most prolific chefs, created more than a dozen popular and successful restaurants including Fog City Diner, Bix, Betelnut, Buckeye Roadhouse, Roti, Tra Vigne and Rio Grill in Carmel.
Comparison of knowledge, attitude and practices of betelnut users in two socio-economic areas of Karachi.