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Asian pepper plant whose dried leaves are chewed with betel nut (seed of the betel palm) by southeast Asians

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The "betel" part actually refers to the leaf of the betel vine, which is used as a wrapper for the various ingredients of betel chewing.
The frequency of OSF is usually low in the general population, but the OSF related to betel nut chewing has been reported as up to 14.
8) In Pakistan, head and neck cancers are a major cancer burden due to the regular consumption of betel, areca and tobacco.
Betel nut which is abundant in many communities can be a good substitute to commercial dewormers as experimented by many researchers.
The boy's parents were amazed their son had swallowed the betel nut saying they had been worried at whistling sounds coming from his throat," he said.
Interactions also occur between consumption of betel nuts and alcohol and between tobacco and alcohol.
The popularity of betel nut continues despite its adverse consequences for some users.
As part of a cultural tradition, some members of the South Asian communities chew 'paan', a mix of tobacco and betel nut shavings with sweet or savoury flavourings, which can cause cancer of the mouth.
Finally, we sought to determine if betel nut use, smoking, and use of chewing tobacco were associated with increased skin lesions.
Ranub is an Acehnese term for betel nut, which is traditionally chewed after meals.
As an occasional betel nut chewer, I note that the report "Palm-Nut Problem" (SN: 1/15/05, p.
The textiles are dyed with natural pigments, including a rich blue made from a mixture of indigo, rice whiskey, betel nut juice, rice husk residue, lime and sugar cane water.
Sek told newsmen he used to chew the shrub betel but gave up the habit for tobacco.
The mouth freshener contains sugar coated fennel seeds, coriander seeds, betel nuts and coconut.
The churches I see living by the law enslave people with their commandments: no pork, no coffee, no tea, no tobacco, no alcohol, no betel nut, no dancing, no work on Saturday, no celebration of the day of Resurrection; but St.