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a sweet tasting alkaloid that occurs in sugar beets

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Based on these results, it is concluded that supplementation of diets with betaine improved broiler feed intake, weight gain, FCR and increased immunity were under heat stress condition.
TMAO itself promotes proatherosclerotic biological activities (8, 11, 15), and studies in a large independent cohort revealed the adverse prognostic value of increased plasma choline and betaine concentrations is driven by their nutrient precursor[right arrow]product relationship with TMAO (14).
Boswellia, betaine and myo-inosotol have been previously demonstrated to modulate inflammatory, metabolic, oxidative and endocrine processes, including an effect on breast tissue.
Glycine betaine contents were measured according to the method proposed by Grieve and Grattan (1983).
Although L-carnitine and betaine can be synthesized in humans, the intake of these compounds from food could be advantageous for maintaining or improving health.
The demand for betaine has increased significantly in recent years.
A total of five isoproteic (50%) and isolipidic (11%) diets were prepared: (i) Control--FM-based diet, (ii) SBM40 -diet with 40% fish meal protein replaced by dehulled and defatted SBM protein, (iii) BET05, (iv) BET10, and (v) BET15 --diet with 40% of SBM protein supplemented with betaine in the amounts of 0.
Four papers from a group of academics working together in Shenyang investigate the influence of hydraulic retention time and temperature on the sewage treatment of water hyacinth, the nitrogen and phosphorus removal efficiency of an artificial floating island, and the addition of ectoine and betaine to high salinity wastewater.
USPRwire, Tue Nov 11 2014] Betaine is a nutrient produced from sugar beet molasses and finds uses in many applications in the Food and Feed industries.
A higher intake of folate, choline, vitamin B2 and betaine was found to have the biggest effect.
Besides Choline DL-Bitratrate, GWI also distributes other Jinan Asia products, such as Choline L-Bitartrate, Choline Bitartrate coated grade, Choline Dihydrogen Citrate, DMAE and Betaine HCL.
They are high in fibre and the betaine chemical found in bran foods enhances your physical performance and boosts your metabolic rate.
Colony counts in the media was, medium alone (83), medium + NaCl was (18) and medium + NaCl + betaine was (48), indicating that nearly three times as many colonies grew in the presence of betaine in the NaCl medium, than those grown in the NaCl medium alone.
Cocamidopropyl betaine (CAPB) and coconut diethanolamide (CDEA), which are manufactured from coconut oil, are widely used as chemical substances with surfactant property in shampoo, liquid soap and skin cleaners.
Color Conserve has ingredients like babassu betaine, which will clean gently without washing colour away.