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the 2nd letter of the Greek alphabet

second in order of importance

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preliminary or testing stage of a software or hardware product

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Mu-opiate receptor and Beta-endorphin expression in nerve endings and keratinocytes in human skin.
Rise in plasma beta-endorphin and ACTH in response to hyperthermia in sauna.
Acute administration of alcohol produces a release of endogenous opioids, especially beta-endorphin, which induces an increase in the release of dopamine in the ac-cumbens nucleus (mediated by the inhibitory action of beta-endorphin on the GABA neurons of the VTA).
Role of beta-endorphin, corticotropin-releasing hormone and autonomic nervous system in mediation of the effect of chronic ethanol on natural killer cell cytolytic activity.
has indicated beta-endorphin produced by exercise plays an important role in construction of hippocampal neurons [26].
This feel-good molecule, called beta-endorphin, may explain why some people seem addicted to tanning.
It stimulates the release of beta-endorphin and adrenocorticotropin hormone (ACTH).
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2006) Beta-endorphin and HGH increase are associated with both the anticipation and experience of mirthful laughter.
The following hormones and chemicals have been shown to initiate parturition and facilitate sexual function: oxytocin, catecholamines, beta-endorphin, and prostaglandins (Cunningham et al.
However, studies with naloxone have suggested that beta-endorphin may have an important role to play in steroidogenesis and may have a role in regulating transport of luminal material1.
Although the two groups were almost identical at baseline in psychological, sympathetic, neuroendocrine, and immune domains, the chronic stress group showed greater subjective distress, higher peak levels of epinephrine, lower peak levels of beta-endorphin and of NK cell lysis, and a more pronounced redistribution of NK cells in response to the acute psychological challenge than the controls.
Inhibition of acid secretion by electrical acupuncture is mediated via beta-endorphin and somatostatin.