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Synonyms for agonist

the principal character in a work of fiction


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someone involved in a contest or battle (as in an agon)

a muscle that contracts while another relaxes

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(biochemistry) a drug that can combine with a receptor on a cell to produce a physiological reaction

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26 the salivary flow rate decreased in patients using beta-2 agonist for a long time.
Long-acting beta-2 agonists are used for the chronic maintenance of asthma, not for acute attacks, and are often administered in a fixed-dose combination with an inhaled corticosteroid, such as Advair Diskus (salmeterolgiuticasone).
More recently, long-acting beta-2 agonist drugs (LABA) salmeterol and eformoterol have gained popularity in the management of asthma that is not well-controlled with short-acting beta agonist and inhaled corticosteroid therapy (ICS).
Beta-2 agonists were shown to increase the cardiac repolar-izing current and have previously shown to increase QT dispersion (QTd) which is thought to represent regional differences in ventricular repolarization (1-4).
One approach is to treat this patient with a long-acting beta-2 agonist such as salmeterol or formoterol around the clock.
The beta-2 agonist dose was reduced by 72% and the dose of corticosteroid inhaler reduced by 45%.
Meptin, a beta-2 agonist developed by Otsuka Pharmaceutical, is currently marketed in 13 countries worldwide.
Niisato N, Nakahari T, Tanswell AK, et al: Beta-2 agonist regulation of cell volume in fetal distal lung epithelium.
Of the patients identified as having asthma, 36 percent received a prescription for an inhaled short-acting beta-2 agonist.
Beta-2 agonist bronchodilators (Atrovent, Alupent, Proventil, Ventolin, and many others) are the class of drugs most often used as first-line therapy in this country.
To obtain a copy of the Academy's position statement on the beta-2 agonist, or for more information on asthma, interested persons may call 1-800-822-ASMA (2762).
Salbutamol is a beta-2 agonist, which has the same effect on the adrenergic system as exercise, resulting in weight loss, an increase in muscle mass and a reduced appetite.
Which medication would you first prescribe--a short-acting inhaled beta-2 agonist or an anticholinergic bronchodilator?
2 Key Products Marked Share (%) Within the Beta-2 Agonist Category, 2008
They also have a short-acting beta-2 agonist available for quick relief when necessary.