beta radiation

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radiation of beta particles during radioactive decay

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START was a double-blind, international multicenter trial in which 476 patients were randomized to brachytherapy using the Novoste beta radiation system or to sham brachytherapy following successful angioplasty for in-stent restenosis.
SIR-Spheres microspheres contain the radioactive element Yttrium-90, which delivers beta radiation over a relatively short distance: an average of 2.
badge dosimeters that were unreliable for measuring both external gamma and beta radiation.
It is the only keychain-style personal radiation detector that detects Beta radiation, which includes Strontium-90, a grave concern for dirty bombs.
Sealed patches containing radioactive phosphorus-32 that deliver beta radiation to the cancer site were custom-made according to the shape and size of each patient's skin cancer lesions.
Carl Awh, President of Tennessee Retina, and an investigator in NeoVista's ongoing Phase III study, CABERNET (CNV Secondary to AMD Treated with BEta RadiatioN Epiretinal Therapy).
The NeoVista technology delivers beta radiation (using strontium 90) for treatment of wet AMD.
Construction supply contamination meters with probes of different surfaces for beta radiation and / or alpha and accessories.
5 mm; maximum 11 mm) beta radiation to the liver tumors, while sparing healthy liver tissue.
Adjunctive beta radiation applied during and following surgery was introduced, and became standard of care, in 2002.
Tepco said last week that groundwater drawn from a monitoring well last July contained a record 5 million becquerels per litre of dangerous radioactive strontium-90 -- more than five times the total beta radiation reading of 900,000 becquerels per litre recorded in the well, which is around 25 metres from the ocean.
A record high 140,000 becquerels per litre of beta radiation was detected, compared with 59,000 becquerels on the previous day, the operator of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station said.
The Osaka-based manufacturers say the garment can stop the harmful beta radiation 100%.
The water collected on Monday also contained 890,000 becquerels of substances that include strontium, which emits beta radiation, compared with 900,000 becquerels found in groundwater sampled from the well on Friday, the report added.
The documents show scientists were concerned about X-rays released by the bomb, but ignored beta radiation in tiny fallout particles absorbed by the body.