beta decay

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radioactive decay of an atomic nucleus that is accompanied by the emission of a beta particle

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These two distinct classes of beta decay could, in principle, explain the variation of apparent decay rate of radioactive isotopes with sun proximity.
1930 Wolfgang Pauli proposes a new neutral particle to explain missing energy in beta decay.
This pathway to the creation of heavier and heavier nuclei is called the s -process, since the rate of neutron capture is slow compared to the rate of beta decay.
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They highlight new results and developments in such topics as neutron electric dipole moment searches, neutron optics and interferometry, Standard Model tests using neutron beta decay, neutron facilities, neutron polarimetry, and nucleon-nucleon interactions.
Beta decay had been exhaustively studied for years, but no one had ever seen any sign of parity violation because no one had ever looked for one--the parity law's absolute nature had just been assumed.
4) In the 1920s and 1930s, physicists were puzzled by an aspect of Beta decay - the emission of electrons (these electrons being known as Beta particles) from the nuclei of some radioactive atoms.
I speculate that neutrinos interact with the W-boson that is believed to mediate beta decay," lead author Peter Sturrock from Stanford University told (http://physicsworld.
Other topics include the ANTARES undersea neutrino telescope, the Majorana double beta decay experiment, five years of PAMELA in orbit, the search for heavy neutrino in rare kaon decays, and experimental signatures of superstrong magnetic fields in heavy ion collisions.
Experimental test of parity conservation in beta decay.
Research at SURF is being conducted 4,850 feet beneath the earth's surface with the intention of building a 40-kilogram germanium detector, capable of detecting the theorized neutrinoless double beta decay.
At the end of its life, a neutron turns into a proton, a process known as beta decay.
These proceedings of the conference held in June 2004 in Odessa, Ukraine pay tribute to the great scientist who developed the alpha and beta decay theory and the Big Bang theory.
Filipp, Atominstitut der Osterreichischen Universitaten Neutron Beta Decay I -- Chair: Geoffrey Greene, University of Tennessee 1:45-2:00 Radiative Corrections for Neutron Decay and Search for New Physics V.