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Synonyms for bet

Synonyms for bet

something risked on an uncertain outcome

a venture depending on chance

to put up as a stake in a game or speculation

to make a bet

Synonyms for bet

the money risked on a gamble

stake on the outcome of an issue

have faith or confidence in

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This is an excellent way to end an outstanding year of league football and, on behalf of clubs, I would like to offer my appreciation to Sky Bet for their continued commitment.
The PS5 matched bet is valid online only and must be redeemed by 4.
When your bet has been placed you will receive a confirmation message.
TO BET text BRUM to 89808 before or during the match.
5 You MUST have bet all of the first pounds 10 of Free Bets by the end of racing on Thursday to get the SECOND pounds 10 of Free Bets.
After you've placed your free bet on one of these great matches, why not visit www.
Generally, however, BET has been the king of black mediocrity in the corporate-entertainment complex.
Or he could bet that the Mexican prime rate in July, paired with the three-month yield on the German deutschmark, would be over or under the number 26.
Whoever you are backing, this fantastic free bet is perfect for making your prediction on your team's first match of the season.
THIS is your chance to place a free bet on a race of your choice at the Cheltenham Festival today.
On-course bookmakers should not have to pay tax, but the trade-off is that they don't bet into the betting exchanges.
Betting is regarded as one of five forms of gambling, and is understood as mutual betting on the outcome of an event based on guessing, where the amount of the win depends on the amount of the bet made and the odds fixed in advance by the betting intermediary.
We're giving every reader a FREE pounds 3 BET on the Rangers v Zenit St Petersburgh clash, so you could be a winner too.