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a book that has had a large and rapid sale

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But he seems himself, with this book, to be trading, on the one hand, on the obvious currency of the financial crisis and, on the other, on the still persisting bestsellerdom of Roche's book.
By 1837, all the preconditions for bestsellerdom were in place: cheap paper strong enough for rotary steam presses, competing publishing houses, a sizable literate public, and a bit of extra time.
The subject of the book - an alphabetical listing, with details, of every cinema that had opened in Liverpool - might not seem the stuff of bestsellerdom.
No sex, no drugs, no Siggie Freud," is how the authors put it, before wondering whether a review of the Lone Star State's battles over tort reform and property tax-abatement is "a by-God recipe for bestsellerdom.
A brilliantly knowing and occasionally hilarious tour d'horizon of the postliterate literary landscape, from the badly appointed low-rent districts to the gaudy, gilded precincts of bestsellerdom, The Information paints a largely accurate picture of that world - if you discount the possibility of art and transcendence and any sense of what these qualities might mean, how they might manifest themselves.
She produces movies, brings comfort and advice to millions of TV viewers, propels books to bestsellerdom, and, last year, teamed up with Hearst Magazines' Cathie Black (No.
Sir Stanley's judgment was not as obviously unsound as one might think nowadays, confronting the work's long success and its emergence into yet another wave of bestsellerdom, propelled by the Peter Jackson movies.