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a book that has had a large and rapid sale

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Kwan followed up this bestseller with 'China Rich Girlfriend' (2015) and just this year, 'Rich People Problems.
Michael Hyatt: Author of bestseller Intentional Leadership.
The Bestseller Book Program lets authors get the chance to maximize their full potential as writers by getting reviewed while at the same time reach marketing success more easily by getting endorsed.
With the rise of chain bookstores and huge publishing houses headed by executives who appreciate commercial over literary heft, bestseller lists have become homogenized.
Robertson told Reuters in an interview that it would be a sensible step for Bestseller to boost its holding in ASOS, as the Danish group is not strong in online retail despite being a global fashion business.
This might be the moment to point out that a Number Two Bestseller is not a bestseller.
Please allow 28 days from the closing date for delivery of your complete set of Puffin bestseller books.
Every day between January 31 and February 6, 2010 inclusive, the Sunday Mirror and the Daily Mirror will print a voucher necessary to claim a book from the Puffin Bestseller Collection which can be redeemed in two ways: a) By Post.
The Puffin Bestseller Collection books, as described in the Irish Sunday Mirror and the Irish Daily Mirror, will be available at any of the above stores during normal opening hours on the day of the redemption.
3 December 2009 - Danish privately-held clothing company Bestseller plans to double the number of its outlets to 1,000 across Europe, Danish daily Dagbladet Borsen said today.
What are the social trends reflected by bestseller lists?
The title essay, previously available only from atheist pamphleteer Emanuel Haldeman-Julius, received wide distribution and the book became a bestseller in Britain.
The New York Times bestseller list will, for the first time, include 21 separate bestsellers from publisher Simon & Schuster Inc on 24 December 2006.
Its staying power on the bestseller list for well over three years, a contemporary publishing phenomenon, witnesses to a book that's been widely read.
Referring back to the library analogy, this duplication problem could occur if a library decided to ensure that its bestseller books are always available for borrowing and made copies of a bestseller book each time it was loaned out.