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  • verb

Synonyms for bestride

to sit or stand with a leg on each side of

Synonyms for bestride

get up on the back of

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sad ne Tw bu lad PIE divis stubbor d i PIERS MORGAN Brave, divisive, formidable, tough, stubborn, dominant and domineering, Margaret Thatcher bestrode the world like a political colossus.
The announcement is almost certain to end the career of one of the most successful drivers in Formula One, seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher, whose return three years ago to the sport he once bestrode like a colossus, palpably failed to live up to expectations, the paper said.
Blue Bunting bestrode both mileandmiddle-distancedivisions, winning the 1,000 Guineas as well as the Irish and Yorkshire Oaks, but if Lyric Of Light and Discoursecanbetoldaparttheir trainerbelievesitwillbebytheir ultimatedistancepreference.
Or to be exact, I'll be taken back to when as a parka-clad mini-mod I bestrode my junior school with the air of a sharp dressed, young face hooked on The Jam and the burgeoning mod revival that took its cues from the original mid-'60s mod movement.
HE bestrode 20th Century America as the head of the FBI for almost 50 years, fighting crime in what was a turbulent and contentious term in power.
The Prime Minister bestrode the world stage when he convinced the UN to back military action but his Government is now reduced to haggling about Gaddafi's chosen retirement spot.
LDP SOME might see it as something like a return to the old days, when Merseyside county council bestrode the region like a colossus, sticking its fingers into numerous pies, and stretching its tentacles across a vast area from its hub in the heart of Liverpool.
MAJESTIC Andy Murray bestrode Centre Court like a Colossus, like the king in his counting house, like a god in his heaven.
An unnecessarily nasty experience with the Renault boss, when he held a similar position at Benetton years ago, left me with a chastened view of the flamboyant Italian who seemed more concerned with his own image than that of sport he bestrode.
Hendry bestrode the sport in the 1990s and was victorious seven times at the Crucible.
However, if you are worried by this, perhaps you should take heart from Alan Greenspan, the retiring chairman of the US Federal Reserve and a man who has bestrode the world's economy like a colossus for the past 18 years.
Kean, the greatest actor of his age and one of the most charismatic ever, bestrode the world's theatres like a colossus for 20 years during the early 19th century and appeared at the Georgian on September 5, 1819.
Fair way to more funding FORMER Coventry City boss John Sillett bestrode the fairways of Brandon Wood GC earlier this week to help raise funds for the Evening Telegraph's Snowball Appeal.
Teesside's Clough and Revie both bestrode the management stage and a certain Robert William Robson made Suffolk the centre of football before leading England to their finest post-1966 success at Italia 90.
PAMMY bestrode BAYWATCH like a blonde colossus - with her own flotation aids