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  • verb

Synonyms for bestride

to sit or stand with a leg on each side of

Synonyms for bestride

get up on the back of

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The size of the novel should not deter anyone who enjoys controversy, summary history, a global view of the Catholic church, and appreciates an incisive portrait of John Paul II, the visionary bestriding the planet.
Love him or hate him he's hugely successful, bestriding the entertainment business like a perma-tanned giant with his peculiar hair and brutal put-downs.
Although I feared the ramp that jutted from the stage would see Garvey bestriding it like some overblown bow-legged Bono.
As well as bestriding the comedy map like a colossus, he's also had huge success in the pop charts.
Quite simply, with Russian wunderkind Nikolai Lugansky bestriding the keyboard like a colossus, this was a sensational account, and one that breathed new life into the old warhorse.
Brown compared himself recently to a brooding Heathcliff bestriding his domain in thoughtful contemplation.
This game comes along when United are bestriding the Premier League like championselect while Villa have lost their form.
Thus Tenacious D was born, bestriding the planet with its foulmouthed songs of drugs, celebrity and unerring love.
Oasis are widely regarded as the defining rock 'n' roll band of the last decade, bestriding the music world since the release of their debut single, "Supersonic" in 1994 to the current day whilst claiming a host of records for their own.
NOT content with bestriding the planet like some sort of bet-brokering behemoth, Betfair want more, more, MORE
KEVIN PHILLIPS, Southampton's rejuvenated pounds 3m striker, has told crisis-hit Leeds players to blinker themselves to the financial monstrosity currently bestriding Elland Road and let it take care of itself.
Just don't pigeonhole her with all those other female pop icons currently bestriding the musical landscape.
Mostly sung in Italian by larger than life performers bestriding lavish sets, it's seen as overblown, overpriced and over here.
A mixed report, therefore, but hardly the stuff of a visionary political colossus bestriding the globe who was given an incomparable popular mandate for social change.
Craig Phillips is nowadays as comfortable bestriding a stage as operating a drill or dovetailing furniture.