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Our young man's first impression of the Western world was received on the landing-place of the German steamers at Jersey City--a huge wooden shed covering a wooden wharf which resounded under the feet, an expanse palisaded with rough-hewn piles that leaned this way and that, and bestrewn with masses of heterogeneous luggage.
These elevated summits consist of rounded cones, between which the soil is bestrewn with erratic blocks of stone and gravelly bowlders.
Then came crests and ravines, in a sort of desert which preceded the Ugogo country; and lower down were yellow plains, parched and fissured by the intense heat, and, here and there, bestrewn with saline plants and brambly thickets.
He found him, pen in hand, bent over a great table bestrewn with papers, as if worshipping an enormous double inkstand of bronze and crystal.
But even before she took her swim in the lake, we hear that her skin color surpasses the color of the olives in this country which is so bestrewn with olive blossoms and olives, they may claim their own dominion as one of the Divinities of Italy's floral Empyrean.
The magnificent edifice of the Ibrox Stadium, once a cauldron of passion, will become an echoing tomb bestrewn with tumbleweed and fading heather signalling the onset of the terminal decline of Scottish domestic football.
The Chesapeake, however, was swampy, unhealthy, liable itself to harsh winters, and bestrewn with other obstacles, only overcome with difficulty and much trial-and-error.
An imbalance of this sort is perhaps to be expected, but it must still be accounted for, particularly in a volume that takes as its cover image the statue of Juliet erected in Verona beneath 'her' balcony, bestrewn with the love notes of pilgrim inamorati.