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Synonyms for bestowal

the act of conferring, as of an honor

Synonyms for bestowal

the act of conferring an honor or presenting a gift

a gift that is bestowed or conferred


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Both Luke and John view Jesus' bestowal of the Spirit, the promise of the Father, to his followers not simply as a gift for their personal sanctification but as equipping them for mission.
This bestowal, presented in part through the office warrant, did not impose military service upon the recipient.
Although Justice should not be subject to whims of Fortuna, "the bestowal of Fortune's blindfold on Justitia and of Justitia's scales on Fortuna bespeak a horrific suspicion: under that blindfold, Justitia and Fortuna were the same goddess" (115).
The position of Joaquin Almunia, the European commissioner for competitive issues, who has until now been the authority that issues orders for the restructuring of banks in Spain and is pursuing similar action in Greece, is being evaluated for the bestowal of the additional power to shut down weak banks.
If Israel were to grant Palestinians civil rights so as to open up their opportunities and raise their standard of living, would the bestowal of such limited privileges actually raise the level of control Palestinians exercise over their lives and over their destiny?
In response to this victory letter, the caliph's formal recognition of the brave feat in the service of Islam was given by the bestowal of titles and robes of honor that then not only raised the status of the conqueror but legitimized his authority over the newly acquired territory.
Also essential to the Brotherhood's successful grab for power has been the inept policies of the Obama administration, as evidenced by its hasty bestowal of legitimacy on the Brotherhood's victory in the election, which by any standard was marginal at best and perhaps also declared prematurely.
What Mr Baldwin made of the gesture on the part of Chief Sitting Eagle and his people is not known, but the bestowal of such an office and title by certain Northern Plains tribes is of a rare honor.
Delivering on citizen demands will determine who maintains power in the emerging new order, because incumbency is now more directly linked to the bestowal of populist legitimacy, as expressed mainly in elections.
Most will teach hundreds of new Americans as students in the first 12 months following the bestowal of the AS Red Hat.
But this combination of phenomena is surely just what most philosophers consider to be the bestowal of value.
I cannot see the Queen lying awake, fretting that some incompetent banker or disreputable dictator is walking around with a piece of ribbon pinned to them, that ought not to be there"- Constitutional historian Kenneth Rose, saying that he thought the Queen regarded the bestowal of honours as "an inexact science".
Berwick is considering applying for World Heritage status, a rare bestowal given to places judged to be of special cultural or physical significance.
The speaker threatens that the bestowal of posterity inherent in his poetry (itself ironic, given the sequence's neglect by later critics) will be turned against his beloved; his lines will remain, "That men her name may read, and reading bate, / That was in love so false and so ingrate.
THE recent bestowal of a CBE on Liverpool Lib-Dem deputy leader Richard Kemp proves what a magnanimous bunch the city''s Labour bunch are.