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a medieval book (usually illustrated) with allegorical and amusing descriptions of real and fabled animals

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Critique: A unique and highly recommended work, "A Bestiary of East Tennessee" is a delight to page through and is suitable for readers of all ages.
In A Modern Bestiary at Sunderland's Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, eight artists subvert the natural order by creating fantastical imaginary species or by causing weird mutations in dead animals.
For not only does the ass figure in the bestiary tradition as a vehicle for various sorts of hermeneutic coincidentiae oppositorum, but it famously performs the same function in the flesh as well.
A Large Bestiary of Creatures - The fearsome Skaarj return
Written by Nicola Davies and illustrated by Neal Layton, "Just the Right Size: Why Big Animals Are Big and Little Animals Are Little" is more than a witty, appealing children's bestiary with fascinating details about both tiny spiders and huge blue whales.
For him, animals serve as a bestiary of imaginative leaps and links, providing symbols for humanity's vacillating sense of self and for our aspirations, perceptions, and intuitions: blackbird as emblem of "the lowness of a now that's neither / dusk nor dawn" ("Translation"); storks "like a motto / of deliverance / or permanence" ("The Storks of Leon"); "civilisation is a dead bird that flies / against an inland sea" ("Emending Context Flashfloods").
In this case, the real theoretical issue expressed by the artists' combinatory bestiary becomes, beyond humanist-poetic pseudo-zoology, one of metaphorical "antithesis.
In The Cuckoo and the Nightingale, the popingay, or parrot (222) is glossed as a lecherous bird; but in bestiary tradition from Pliny onwards, this bird is known for its garrulity, an association much more appropriate for the context.
And at the moment, it occupies a unique niche in organic chemistry's catalytic bestiary.
Those weapons will come in handy versus a large bestiary of creatures, including the fearsome Skaarj from the original "Unreal" along with a host of all-new enemies, such as the Drakk and the Izarians.
Fantastical Creatures and Magical Beasts" is a modern bestiary key for young readers.
The result is a rigorous but accessible survey suitable for supplemental reading or as a text, with such topics as comparisons of the Mishnah and the Bible, the question of whether scripture is the origin of the Halakhah, the importance of the destruction of the Second Temple, the kingdom of heaven in Judaism and Christianity, tolerance, and altruism, and his documentary readings include rabbinic compositions on 586, 70 and 132-135, the bestiary, and Hebrew dialects.
The silhouettes of the animals, arranged geometrically and in mirror images on the sheet, create an abstract bestiary of shadows that bring to mind the organic shapes of a Rorschach test.
Also off the beaten track of tourists is the no less remarkable cartoon museum, where he finds ample evidence of the persistence of human folly in satiric prints by the nineteenth-century artist Bordalo Pinheiro as well as in the sketches of a twentieth-century successor who took aim at the coterie of the late dictator, Salazar, "a bestiary of terror, mediocrity, and superstition.
There follow 26 pages on the text's literary connections, both with later works and with exempla and the bestiary.