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in an inhumane manner

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Two of them [Andrei Shubin and Fedor Uren] were beaten so bestially that even the authorities were shocked and the sentry is to be courtmartialed.
My murdering a dozen bestially vicious people would result in a greater balance of virtue over vice and thus would promote virtue; according to Virtue Promotion my actions are right, but of course they are not, so Virtue Promotion must be false.
BRAINTEASERS 1 BESTIALLY KEEN RICH (TV presenter) 2 VICTIM ENRICHES (Fleetwood Mac woman) 3 HEROIC, RUINOUS THUG (Olympic 400m champion) INITIALLY YOURS Which film, TV programme or musical number do these initials stand for?
There, bestially liberated, giving full rein to their passions, ruled empty overgrown, cabbage heads of bursenormous witches, shedding their voluminous skirts in broad daylight, throwing them down, one by one, until their swollen and pushed, rustling, hole-riddled rags buried the whole quarrelsome bastard breed under crazy expanse.
24) In April 1944, Kiev oblast leaders, reporting to Stalin on their successes in collecting money for the Defense Fund, used an evasive turn of phrase: "The Germans destroyed Kiev, bestially shot and tortured to death about 200,000 peaceful townspeople in the Gestapo's torture chambers.
They were seen as bestially unconcerned, apathetic, and even capricious.
Two young men mistakenly identified by the attackers as police informers were murdered, one of them most bestially in front of his family.
We'll also pay for the investigations and the courts-martial, and we'll pay compensation to those so bestially abused.
Kant's notorious comment that African views can be dismissed because 'the fellow was a Black-black as soot from head to foot: an unanswerable proof that what he said was bestially stupid' appears to Roberts to be 'typical of their [Kant's and De Quincey's] time'; a reading of Blake, for example, as well as, more pertinently, eighteenth-century black writers would, to say the least, encourage a qualification of this view.