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Synonyms for bestialize

Synonyms for bestialize

make brutal and depraved


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Compson's account [48]) to objectify Clytie through Gothicizing and bestializing of the "half-breed.
From this and similar examples, we can infer that Keela, as the physical satisfaction-seeking, immoral, violent Native American woman, cautions the sideshow audience of the potential bestializing transformative effect of women's suffrage on the refined and cultivated Southern white lady.
The elder prisoner's didactic mission is to impart to Procter how black men's habitual criminality and white men's persistent "rescuing" of them is part of a systemic bestializing that denies them agency and selfhood--a vicious cycle of sociopathic black behavior that not only is self-denigrating, but also self-aggrandizing for whites, whose own collective identity is concretized in designating black men as feral and other.