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Synonyms for bestialize

Synonyms for bestialize

make brutal and depraved


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As Diken asserts, "genocide is depicted in the film as a state of exception" (747), but that state is one which relies on the production of the Hutu as a bestialized killer outside of history, beyond the boundary that separates them from the rationality of the film's two Western voices.
For those who understood the biblical myths undergirding the US invasion, this echoed the bestialized Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel, humbled by the almighty Hebrew god, a presage of how Babylon falls to Jerusalem in Revelation.
She is objectified and bestialized as womb entirely and nothing more.
If one does this, the play begins to exhibit a strangely persistent undercurrent of bestialized eroticism.
Magennis's discussion of the power of hunger, anthropomorphized and even bestialized with such verbs as slitan (`cut, tear'), ahypan (`plunder, destroy'), bindan (`bind'), and hienan (`fell, bring low') drives the point home vividly (p.