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Synonyms for bestialize

Synonyms for bestialize

make brutal and depraved


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peace, lasting peace, rather than war tends to harden and bestialize man.
Hence in the poem two representatives of unconditional filial piety in the ancient culture, Lao Lai-zi and Han Bo-yu, are transformed into an oppressed, rebellious son who bestializes his father as a "shiny bull" with a face like a "monkey's ass" (ll.
individual, and bestializes the human collectivity undergoes an
War bestializes every thing and every one it touches, but as Walter Wink has explained so well for us, non-violent courage is hard to kill because it is the power of the divine spirit in the human soul.
31) At the same time, Hahn-Hahn bestializes these women herself and almost gleefully describes to her brother their overweight bodies and gluttonous ways, presumably to dash his expectations of harem sensuality.