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Synonyms for bestialize

Synonyms for bestialize

make brutal and depraved


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The bestialization of states might also cause those within or representing the state to be viewed in similar terms, as having strayed from international right.
Much of this paper has dealt with instances in which bestialization and suspension of concern apply both to animals and humans, which attempts to avoid overshadowing human concerns in Rwanda's genocide and emphasizes commonalities between human and animal concerns.
Much like the figure of Agamben's bare life, Deogratias's bestialization is both an effect and constitutive of certain sovereignties; his treatment exposes the fact that he has become less than human but also indicates the supreme value that others place on humanness through his very lack of it and, conversely, the lack of concern applied to certain figurations of animality.
But what may be surprising is that pure, unconflicted bestialization is in fact rare, as if difficult to pull off.
Targets of aggressive bestialization on both official and popular fronts, indigenous people(s) remained objects of intense aggression as the turn of the century approached.
Much later, in 1945, giving juridical-institutional shape and authority to the bestialization of indigenous peoples, Justice Jackson in Northwest Bands determines that indigenous peoples do not constitute nations, states, polities, ethnic or racial groups, or even communities but are mere "menageries.
Yet while the serranas frequently constituted a bestialization of femininity, the sexual drive in Samaniego's characters is often mitigated by hesitation and moral ambiguity.
My American compatriots, black and white (and mostly men, I should say) tended to insist that the humor in this ad did not necessarily demean black women--that the parody was "cute" as one described it, a play on words, and that there was no serious bestialization of human beings at stake here.
In terms of the images it accompanies, most memorably the torching of a village, the music functions at one level as a generalized lament, focusing neither on the fate of the occupied nor the progressive bestialization of the occupiers, but incarnating both.
Her disobedience or transgression justifies his power to punish her by marking, through racialization and/or bestialization, a woman's unruly body as a freak body.
38) As Christopher Gill writes, this bestialization of cities as "herds of free bipeds" is an attempt to "defamiliarize the discourse of political theory, with a view to obtaining a closer approximation to objective definition.
Yet this anxious assertion of privilege is also its undoing, as Arsenault contends, insofar as sovereignty and bestialization develop in tandem with the categories of victim, perpetrator, and saviour.
Humankind thus confronts "the distinct possibility of a reversal of evolution, of a systematic turn-about towards bestialization.