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Synonyms for bestialize

Synonyms for bestialize

make brutal and depraved


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The bestialization of states might also cause those within or representing the state to be viewed in similar terms, as having strayed from international right.
Much of this paper has dealt with instances in which bestialization and suspension of concern apply both to animals and humans, which attempts to avoid overshadowing human concerns in Rwanda's genocide and emphasizes commonalities between human and animal concerns.
O, Jesus bless us" is as much a plea against bestialization as it is a quick, female prayer for grace.
As long as imperialists enjoy technoscientific advantages over their subjects, abjection is usually a simple matter of bestialization.
Yet this anxious assertion of privilege is also its undoing, as Arsenault contends, insofar as sovereignty and bestialization develop in tandem with the categories of victim, perpetrator, and saviour.