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selling in great numbers

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Sheeran has become the first artist on the list to claim a double whammy by having the best-selling album and best-selling single of the year.
World's Best-selling Pop Rock Female Artist - Miley Cyrus
Here Comes the Sun' was number 54 on the iTunes list of the top 100 best-selling singles followed by 'Let It Be' at number 60, 'In My Life' at number 74, 'Come Together' at number 90 and 'Blackbird' at number 97.
Life was the industry's seventh best-selling car in the mini-vehicle category for the month of June 2010, with sales of 6,366 units.
9) Vauxhall Corsa: years of production: 1992-present Share of Top 10 of best-selling cars of all time: 1.
Joe MacInnis, a medical doctor, is a noted deep sea explorer and best-selling author.
95, The Free Press, ISBN 0-684-85482-1) From the beloved, best-selling author of Good Hair and The Itch comas a richly evocative multigenerational story of three powerful women.
Meanwhile, the Camry was the best-selling car for the third year in a row and the seventh time in the past eight years.
But it remains uncertain whether the Honda Accord will become the best-selling car in the U.
Geoffrey Moore, best-selling author and the founder of The Chasm Group; Dr.
The newcomer captured awards for best-selling new artist, best-selling male entertainer, best-selling pop/rock artist and best-selling British artist.
Step WGN was Honda's best-selling car for the month and the industry's fourth best-selling model in August on sales of 8,130 units.
The tenth novel from the best-selling author of Naughty or Nice, Eric Jerome Dickey serves up a new novel with style, sexiness, and a bit of grit.
Tucked away in his opulent Beverly Hills home, an estate secluded from the traffic and dirt of Los Angeles by a vast hedge and further obscured this day by torrential rains, best-selling author Jonathan Kellerman shows off a favored guitar.