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Maude", a runaway best-seller has over 5,700 five-star or four-star reviews on Amazon.
Life Code also became number 1 on Amazon Best Sellers and The Wall Street Journal's Best-Sellers, as well as reaching 17 on USA Today's
The motion sensor allows users to play games without holding a controller and is expected to be a best-seller this Christmas despite its Au129.
It has sold nearly a million copies worldwide and has topped the New York Times best-seller list for three months.
Now a perennial best-seller, this classic 1933 work by the father of Black History Month is published with an introduction by Dr.
Now, with The City of Falling Angels also holding strong on the best-seller list, Berendt is doing for Venice what he did for Savannah.
uk found that 50% of the top books on its best-seller lists in Britain were written by celebrities, while Americans are more into non-fiction works such as diet, relationships, business management and politics
Significantly--or maybe just coincidentally, the author Rose supplanted atop the New York Times' best-seller list was Al Franken, whose Lies--And the Lying Liars Who Tell Them, only includes political prevaricators.
of the UN, his book would not be on the best-seller list, and probably would never be mentioned by any of the major media.
Liddy commands a wide listenership, and if Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh can top the best-seller charts, why not the G-Man?
En d'autres termes, si le best-seller conventionnel developpe le recit >>de la lutte pour la reussite de l'individu dans la societe capitaliste liberale<< (p.
At press time, his Miss America had been on The New York Times best-seller list 15 weeks.
Twenty years ago this month, a week before Steven Spielberg's movie went into production on Martha's Vineyard using three mechanical sharks--collectively nicknamed "Bruce"--powered with pneumatic engines and launchable by a 65-foot catapult, The New York Times Magazines ran a detailed analysis of "the making of a best-seller.
has received accolades from around the world including: #1 USA TODAY best-seller, #1 Wall Street Journal best-seller, #1 Barnes & Noble best-seller and #1 Amazon best-seller and has received testimonials from best-selling authors Dr.