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preferred above all others and treated with partiality

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The discoveries suggest that lying beneath the autumnal mellowness of one of the nation's best-loved poems, John Keats' To Autumn, is a murkier world of banking crisis, rising prices and striking workers.
The BBC don't officially let Mr Hill and company lampoon their best-loved shows.
BBC executive producer Jon Plowman said: "He's associated with some of the best-loved shows of our lives - and some of his work is still heard today.
Comprising more than 250 superbly presented recipes for delicious desserts that will please any palate, "Good Housekeeping Best-Loved Desserts" showcases wonderful dishes that range from the classics to exotic delicacies suitable for any and all dining occasions from a midnight snack, to daily family meals, to celebratory events.
He has promised to showcase some of his new songs from his new albums along with his many best-loved hits.
With New York's best-loved lions, Patience and Fortitude, keeping their usual staid vigil in front of the Public Library, more than 150 partygoers cut loose on a balmy late-June evening directly behind it in Bryant Park, as guests of The Judicial Title Insurance Agency.
And it's that kind of honesty that makes Abt arguably the best-loved and most popular employee at the Sepulveda Dam Recreation Area golf course.
Wepper adapts the text of one of most well-known and best-loved religious devotions in the Bible for preschoolers and early readers.
Seuss, celebrating his hundredth birthday by gathering thirteen of his best-loved classics under one cover, from his first book And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street to his last Oh, The Places You'll Go
Presumably, Wheeldon acquired something of the Petipa/Ivanov tradition from his days as a member of Britain's Royal Ballet; he has adopted and adapted many of the best-loved chunks from that benchmark 1895 production.
The result is a lush, loving, literary shrine to one of oar best-loved icons.
In April, its Big Read project ran a nationwide poll to determine Britain's 100 best-loved novels.
A two-week period of public nominations in April produced Britain's top 100 best-loved novels in an alphabetical list that ranged from The Alchemist, by Paul Coelho, to Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights.
In a country particularly in thrall to the cult of sainthood, St Padre Pio stands as one of Italy's most modern and best-loved saints.
Among the pieces by Schubert are twelve of his best-loved songs arranged for piano solo, along with a complex F-sharp minor version of the F-minor Moment Musical, D.