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the principal groomsman at a wedding

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Everything was equally easy--or equally painful, as one chose to put it--in the path he was committed to tread, and he had obeyed the flurried injunctions of his best man as piously as other bridegrooms had obeyed his own, in the days when he had guided them through the same labyrinth.
whispered young van der Luyden Newland, who was inexperienced in the duties of a best man, and awed by the weight of his responsibility.
breathed the best man excitedly; but the bridegroom knew better.
I'm not going to marry the best man in the world," retorted Miss Cornelia.
Now truly this is the best man in England," he said, with a sneer.
The best man shall sur vive," he said to himself--and the other, he rea soned, must at some time or other come there to drink.
Then a carriage had to be sent for the best man, and another that would take Sergey Ivanovitch away would have to be sent back.
Moreover, he had no time to make any remark, for Wamba thrust in his word, observing, ``It was better, though scarce easier, to be the best man among a hundred, than the best man of two.
First of all, she said I couldn't have my best friend since nursery as my best man as he's overweight and she claims he'll ruin the photos.
Organizing the groom's stag party is typically done by his best man.
From big brother to best friend and now best man, Prince William is all geared up to be the best man for Harry's royal wedding to Meghan Markle in May 2018, according to E
ISLAMABAD -- Opposition leader in National Assembly (NA) Syed Khurshid Shah has said the best man will be nominated as chairman NAB.
And now, having been given the title of Wales' best best man by stag and hen travel agent Red7, Dan is in the running to be crowned Britain's best best man.
HE is simply the best best man out there - and that's official.
Then a really big one when he's the best man at the wedding of two of his role models.
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