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the one friend who is closest to you

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My dear friend, my best friend,' cried little Hans, 'you are welcome to all the flowers in my garden.
It has certainly been a hard day,' said little Hans to himself as he was going to bed, 'but I am glad I did not refuse the Miller, for he is my best friend, and, besides, he is going to give me his wheelbarrow.
Little Hans was very much distressed at times, as he was afraid his flowers would think he had forgotten them, but he consoled himself by the reflection that the Miller was his best friend.
As I was his best friend,' said the Miller, 'it is only fair that I should have the best place'; so he walked at the head of the procession in a long black cloak, and every now and then he wiped his eyes with a big pocket-handkerchief.
She told me you were the best friend she had," said Anne.
A LION roaming by the seashore saw a Dolphin lift up its head out of the waves, and suggested that they contract an alliance, saying that of all the animals they ought to be the best friends, since the one was the king of beasts on the earth, and the other was the sovereign ruler of all the inhabitants of the ocean.
Unmarried men are best friends, best masters, best servants; but not always best subjects; for they are light to run away; and almost all fugitives, are of that condition.
Ay, ay," quoth the landlord, smiling, "her ladyship knows better things; she knows the French are our very best friends, and come over hither only for our good.
He came that morning; and I have had several interviews with him since; but he is obliged to be very cautious when and how he comes; not even his servants or his best friends must know of his visits to Wildfell - except on such occasions as a landlord might be expected to call upon a stranger tenant - lest suspicion should be excited against me, whether of the truth or of some slanderous falsehood.
He did not speak again until they had walked some half-a-mile in silence, when he gravely broke out with: 'What would your best friends say, Louisa?
4 When the chips are down his best friend will be there for him.
Villena said many people misinterpreted their relationship, however, he told Bautista to enjoy whatever we have now and that he would always be there for his best friend.
I've said no because I think it would be incredibly disloyal to my best friend.
Dear Coleen, MY husband and I have been best friends with another couple for more than 10 years.
The young defendant's defence is that it was not him but his one-time best friend, another 16-year-old boy, who used a rock to batter Rebecca to death in woods at Aberkenfig last year.