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the one friend who is closest to you

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It has certainly been a hard day,' said little Hans to himself as he was going to bed, 'but I am glad I did not refuse the Miller, for he is my best friend, and, besides, he is going to give me his wheelbarrow.
Little Hans was very much distressed at times, as he was afraid his flowers would think he had forgotten them, but he consoled himself by the reflection that the Miller was his best friend.
As I was his best friend,' said the Miller, 'it is only fair that I should have the best place'; so he walked at the head of the procession in a long black cloak, and every now and then he wiped his eyes with a big pocket-handkerchief.
That is why I say that the murrain was the best friend that the borel folk ever had.
40-somethings have the most self-confidence, with 64% saying they are better looking than their best friend.
Daniel, 25, said: "I'm going out with my best friend at the moment and that's, I think, the way it should be.
I've said no because I think it would be incredibly disloyal to my best friend.
Dear Coleen, MY husband and I have been best friends with another couple for more than 10 years.
I can't imagine primary school without my best friend beside me.
Outof 1,000 entries, Ffion was chosen as the winner of My Blue Nose Friends' Britain's Best Friend competition after being nominated by her best friend Ella Day.
6 percent of respondents reported that they were confident that their best friend had ever had an abortion, and an additional 0.
Data was collected for 986 children, 472 of whom provided complete physical activity and best friend data.
Data were collected for 986 children of whom 472 provided complete physical activity and best friend data.
One winner will be chosen at both branches by the store's booksellers, and each winner's best friend will receive a box of treats.
IT doesn't look as if Paris Hilton needs a TV show to find a new British best friend.