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Synonyms for bespatter

Synonyms for bespatter

spot, splash, or soil


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He then bespattered the youth with abundance of that language which passes between country gentlemen who embrace opposite sides of the question; with frequent applications to him to salute that part which is generally introduced into all controversies that arise among the lower orders of the English gentry at horse-races, cock-matches, and other public places.
Hence, when he came out of his invalid retirement and shook off that ragged train, he was much bespattered, and in worse case than ever.
It was a tall round hat from Zimmerman's, but completely worn out, rusty with age, all torn and bespattered, brimless and bent on one side in a most unseemly fashion.
He says that Eve has bespattered him, and he articulates badly as if some soft and liquid substance is pouring out of his mouth.
shook off that ragged train, he was much bespattered, and in worse
Real hatred, real violence coming from all sides, lavishly bespattered on the bookshelves.
DOWN: 1 Abating, 2 Stiletto, 3 Stan, 4 Hogmanay, 5 Etna, 6 Beryl, 8 Bespattered, 13 Treating, 14 Navigate, 15 Intrude, 18 Brims, 20 Toga, 21 Wait.
Recently, emerging from my long winter seclusion, I observed a convertible sports car, with the top down, so bespattered with bumper stickers that I couldn't tell whether the driver had taken it through campaign headquarters or a pigsty.
To enter, owners submitted photos of their bespattered dogs along with a short quote or description.
Piercing through another sheet of glass that bisects the first, a steel rod is draped with swaths of bespattered linen like a miniature mock-up of a Robert Morris felt work.
The room at the time was filled with working men, who, while waiting their turn were freely discussing the latest tragedy in Whitechapel, in the course of which, one of the company remarked that he could not for the life of him see how a man could cut a woman's throat and afterwards mutilate a body without his clothes becoming bespattered with the blood of his victim.
And in this town, one will find] adventurers, speculators, and peculators, bespattered men and dowdy women [whose past you do not worry about greatly because you] take them as you find them.
Mrs Ramsay is a 'sponge sopped full of human emotions', metaphorically bespattered by a drench of dirty water from her husband (1976: 37).
Treves described how, earlier, "he had been ill-treated and reviled and bespattered with the mud of Disdain" (Howell & Ford, 1980, p.