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Synonyms for bespatter

Synonyms for bespatter

spot, splash, or soil


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As pointed out by Laffut (2006: 23), exactly the same "transitivizing" prefix was found in older stages of English with verbs such as bedaub, besow, bespatter, and is still productive in the formation of adjectives such as bewinged, bewired, etc.
Bullets bespatter the children's playground -- another mother killed 'for we are soldiers, firing on civilians, unarmed, helpless, innocent --' Salvo again.
Ramsay "without replying" "bent her head as if to let the pelt of jagged hail, the drench of dirty water, bespatter her unrebuked.
Where McDonagh uses the euphemistic obscenity 'feck' throughout, 'fuck's bespatter every other line of McPherson's male talk.
Their mockery of kith bespatters justice, hideous enormity inexpiable.