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Besotted He ordered a hamburger and a Corona Light lager to celebrate before leaving in the early hours.
T-Mobile's first Text Laureate contest has been won by a besotted newly-married grandmother from Accrington, Lancashire.
I refer to the unnamed narrator/hero of the Broadway musical ``The Drowsy Chaperone,'' a man so besotted by a 1920s- era musical comedy that he played his scratchy phonograph record, bringing the show to life in his apartment to simultaneously revere and mock it as circumstances dictate.
In an era besotted by conspicuous gestures, it is especially pleasing to see humble or disregarded materials used imaginatively.
We're the sort of owners who are besotted with our horses, so we brought him home and he's been here ever since.
Throughout, Bellabarba has a wealth of comment, always balanced and judicious, on King James himself, who never degenerates into that overblown picture of a besotted and unkingly man; now he becomes the central focus of the fifth chapter which discusses him as the agent of divine justice who earned great praise for his original initiative in pursuing the lesser murderers to trial and execution, but who became a target for criticism when he commuted the death sentences on the Somersets to imprisonment; efforts to justify the agent of divine mercy were much less successful.
A recent episode featured an Osbourne family council, in which the besotted Ozzy tries to "lay down the law" for his rebellious children.
Almost all members of the public have by now formed their impressions of what Mary Archer is like, and our opinions do not have much in common with the besotted old fool of a judge who called her fragrant - Best-selling writer AN Wilson
Actually, Hugo's saga of a poor gypsy dancer, Esmeralda, in fifteenth-century Paris--mistreated by all except the deaf, misshapen bell-ringer, Quasimodo, who, besotted with love, seeks to save her--has always been hot news theatrically.
As shippers struggle to sell to Europe while suffering the effects of a strong pound, FFB is urging would be sellers to join it on a trip to the US - a market with 300 million Britain besotted consumers and where UK food and drink exports are up 10%.
Brown, Judy Dench plays a crisp Queen Victoria besotted with a Scottish servant; in Love and Death on Long Island (a Canada-British co-production), John Hurt plays a crisp English intellectual besotted with a doltish American teen idol (Jason Priestly cruelly typecast).
nt an he ng The besotted socialite, 36, put "an open love letter" her Instagram account that friends knew was referring to the music mogul, reports claim.
HOW lovely to read the interview with Kylie's boyfriend - hunky Spaniard Andres Seguro - who is clearly besotted with her.
Cowell - who in the past has vowed never to marry - is said to be besotted with Afghan-born beauty Mezhgan, 36, and has even talked of having children with her.
The pair - who have been flirting all week - had earlier rowed in the early hours which ended with Aussie beauty Sara telling besotted Darnell: "It's over.