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a broom made of twigs tied together on a long handle

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I work the Lincolnshire Limewoods as a traditional woodland craftsman making wattle hurdles, besoms (or witches' brooms), walking sticks, gate hurdles and charcoal.
He said: ``Our work involves using the low-value timber to make value added products such as charcoal and coppice crafts such as besoms, hurdles and furniture.
662), in which anointed witches turn into goats as they rise up the kitchen chimney on besoms (Heckes, op.
The next day Rupert's men set fire to the town 'with gunpowder, match, wisps of straw and besoms, burning coals of fire, etc'.
who pays no heed to their follies and wiles" then, according to the text "they resort to magic arts, and at night, mounted on besoms, they ride thereon to the comely man of their heart, and visit him in his sleep -- but to him all is naught but a dream" (82).
le sachiez, en opposition manifeste avec les interets et les besoms
The event from 3pm to 11pm on Sunday, November 18 will include music from top bands in the area including The Skabeats, The Besoms, The New Age Jam, Jacques and the Giants and Breaking Cover.
They made a living selling old furniture, or tailoring and shoemaking, or making besoms (brooms).
A FROM the tone of your letter I ZA get the impression you are more than capable of seeing off all these impertinent besoms.
Rod Waterfield, who runs Bodfari Charcoal, said: ``Our work involves using the low-value timber produced in sustainable woodland management to make value-added products such as barbecue charcoal and coppice crafts such as besoms, hurdles and furniture.