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a broom made of twigs tied together on a long handle

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Within a year, if there were no pregnancies or the couple was incompatible, "by jumping backwards over the besom the marriage was broken.
Besom, on April 19, is said to be for anyone who has spent too long worrying about what others think.
Back to The Besom he trudged, where his own identical black Lab was looking baleful, last orders were looming and bets were being laid thick and fast as to whether Gerald - highly-respected pillar of the community - would even notice he'd taken home the wrong animal.
Admission free, with activities including a Pony's Paradise walk on Saturday, besom broom making, heathland food and conservation tasks.
You will have the opportunity to make a besom broom or a small hazel hurdle to take home with you.
The thin layer of top dressing should be worked in with a stiff broom or besom so that it almost disappears.
If worm casts are problematic simply use a besom broom to scatter the heaps prior to moving, to avoid smearing.
The masts and quays and gables of a river port, the backyard with a besom leaning against a brick wall, the chequer-board floors of churches--there they all were, the entire range of Dutch themes, ending in taverns where I expected to find boors carousing, and found them.
Mrs Reveley, leading trainer at the Borders course, can enjoy a profitable afternoon by landing two more races with Tom's River in the Besom Inn Handicap Chase and October Mist in the European Breeders' Fund 'National Hunt' Novices' Hurdle.
But, as always, the finest besom (or witch's broomstick) to be found in town hangs in Norman Marriott's shop on Oxton Road.
The besom could be made alone but a cute witch would be a great decoration to add for a Halloween party.
GORBALS MARY (Race 3) can lead all the way while BANFID BESOM (Race 4) is well-boxed.
EFFORT Use a Harry Potter-style broom or besom to lightly brush dew and dead foliage from the grass before mowing it.
Although a number of the songs included in it had been collected by Broadwood herself, and others were reprinted from such published sources as Sumner' s The Besom Maker, Mason's Nursery Rhymes and Country Songs, (90) and Burne's Shropshire Folk-Lore, the bulk had been gathered by correspondents.
Bodgers usually had special skills in working with green wood, such as making besom brooms and spoons.