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  • verb

Synonyms for besmear

to spread with a greasy, sticky, or dirty substance

Synonyms for besmear

spread or daub (a surface)


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It was quite a walk, by mysterious staircases and corridors, from Mrs General's apartment, --hoodwinked by a narrow side street with a low gloomy bridge in it, and dungeon-like opposite tenements, their walls besmeared with a thousand downward stains and streaks, as if every crazy aperture in them had been weeping tears of rust into the Adriatic for centuries--to Mr Dorrit's apartment: with a whole English house- front of window, a prospect of beautiful church-domes rising into the blue sky sheer out of the water which reflected them, and a hushed murmur of the Grand Canal laving the doorways below, where his gondolas and gondoliers attended his pleasure, drowsily swinging in a little forest of piles.
If midgets can belittled and fingerpaint can besmeared, can pugilist bedecked?
his chest besmeared with sandal fluid mixed with civet .
a tattered copy of the Koran dropping from a limp hand and hitting the besmeared floor.
Menchhin: Female youth: Himsigang pinda mellengesang Although not besmeared inside the house Nasi:gen thakkin mendangesang Although not alike our somatic appearance Phaktangmo singa pangbahekkela Seems being carried wood on the shoulders Sikkumding ningwa Seems being matched thought and opinions tangbahekkela (Palam, 20)
In Pakistan, graffiti writing has taken an ugly shape when public property is besmeared with wall chalking and posters to get cheap advertisement and propaganda without any aesthetic value.
They had crowded the quarter mile long embankment of tank and presented an awe-struck view, with thin clad covering and their bodies besmeared with a thick coating of 'bibhuti'.
Like the Lord High Executioner in Gilbert and Sullivan's Mikado, I too have a "little list" of self important individuals who have besmeared our city.
And across the parapet, I see the vision of African unity and independence, her body besmeared with the blood of her sons and daughters, in their struggle to set her free from the shackles of imperialism.
face is to be foully besmeared with spit, and he is to be bound
When his hair has been shorn, his face is to be foully besmeared with spit and he is to be bound in iron chains.
be delivered from vile paper, so basely besmeared by hired hands
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