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  • verb

Synonyms for besmear

to spread with a greasy, sticky, or dirty substance

Synonyms for besmear

spread or daub (a surface)


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This private sphere is both enshrouded in "black sailcloth" (a harbinger of pirate ships or plague, and perhaps a reference to Shem's rogue creativity) and also besmeared with sepia ink.
After the anesthetization, the left chest area was besmeared with hair removal cream for 1 min and wiped clean with a swab.
The first to enter is Moloch, "horrid king, besmeared with blood / Of human sacrifice and parents' tears" (I.
The alienation of the ring, while protecting his community "honour" from being besmeared by "ingratitude" (5.
If midgets can belittled and fingerpaint can besmeared, can pugilist bedecked?
Experienced and inexperienced, old and young, male and female, spectators include those who have 'been constant Play-Haunters besmeared with their filthe and dung for divers yeeres together'; those who are 'young and but newly entered into this dangerous course of play-haunting'; 'ingenious Youthes and Girles .
his chest besmeared with sandal fluid mixed with civet .
besmeared the little low brambles and bushes with it, and by that
a tattered copy of the Koran dropping from a limp hand and hitting the besmeared floor.
Their great stature, their hideous physiognomies besmeared with splotches of red and white paint and their peculiar guttural language agreed perfectly with my preconceived ideas of man eaters.
Menchhin: Female youth: Himsigang pinda mellengesang Although not besmeared inside the house Nasi:gen thakkin mendangesang Although not alike our somatic appearance Phaktangmo singa pangbahekkela Seems being carried wood on the shoulders Sikkumding ningwa Seems being matched thought and opinions tangbahekkela (Palam, 20)
This despite the various scams his Government has been besmeared with.
Not marble nor the gilded monuments Of princes shall outlive this powerful rhyme, But you shall shine more bright in these contents Than unswept stone besmeared with sluttish time.
In Pakistan, graffiti writing has taken an ugly shape when public property is besmeared with wall chalking and posters to get cheap advertisement and propaganda without any aesthetic value.
They had crowded the quarter mile long embankment of tank and presented an awe-struck view, with thin clad covering and their bodies besmeared with a thick coating of 'bibhuti'.
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