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Synonyms for besieging

the action of an armed force that surrounds a fortified place and isolates it while continuing to attack

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So that when Simeon and his associates arrived on the summit of the tower called Adoni-Bezek-the loftiest of all the turrets around about Jerusalem, and the usual place of conference with the besieging army-they looked down upon the camp of the enemy from an eminence excelling by many feet that of the Pyramid of Cheops, and, by several, that of the temple of Belus.
2: The story goes that Heracles was besieging Themiscyra on the Thermodon and could not take it; but Antiope, being in love with Theseus who was with Heracles on this expedition, betrayed the place.
Turkey-led forces will begin besieging the Syrian town of Afrin in the coming days as part of Turkey's operation to drive the Kurdish YPG militia out of the region in north-west Syria, President Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday.
Many citizens died due to the deteriorating situations happened because of besieging the cities, he noted.
BAGHDAD / Nina / Director of federal police media said on Wednesday that the "formations of the Federal force are besieging al-Dor district in Salah al-Din province.
GAPAR Director General Ali Mustafa said that the process was carried out in coordination with the Education Ministry and the authorities and under the care of the Higher Committee for Relief, and that the terrorists besieging the camps were opening fire and sniping as the process was carried out.